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Tony Khan still in hunt for AEW streaming deal

AEW still doesn't have a concrete streaming partner

AEW has made great strides since its maiden flight in 2019. In terms of wrestling promotions, it is ranked second to WWE. 

There hasn't been a big competitor for WWE since World Championship Wrestling took a back seat. It was the year of 2019 when there was another league that rose to prominence and is now loved unconditionally by fans everywhere.

 In spite of the promotion's popularity and demand there has been a point of frustration for fans of the promotion in the American market, and that is the fact that there is no official way for fans to access the vast majority of the company's back catalog on-demand.

Tony Khan, President of AEW spoke about the progress the brand has made so far and the reach it can reach up to with having proper streaming channels and said,

“As we build a great library of historical content, it presents more and more opportunities for a potential FAST entry I think. I think that’s a decision we need to make in part with our domestic media partners, with Warner Bros. Discovery, who have a great presence in the world of streaming, and figure out what makes sense for us in terms of our partnership. Because absolutely there is money on the table for streaming pro wrestling events…So there could be great opportunities there.”

Furthermore, Tony Khan added the following:

“So there could be great opportunities there. Domestically we’re still looking for the right solution, and it’s a very exciting time for us because the streaming business continues to grow here domestically and frankly the value of AEW events continues to grow. I believe as the landscape changes we can expand AEW’s streaming revenue multiple times over.”

At the moment, AEW only streams pay-per-view events on Bleacher Report for events that are scheduled for pay-per-view. 

The AEW Plus subscription on FITE TV includes broadcasts of every week's TV show as well as the complete archive of those shows, but unfortunately this service is not available in the United States for those who wish to watch them. 

Some other partners, like TSN in Canada, have full archives, but the TBS and TNT apps in the U.S. only have archives back about eight weeks. Their weekly programming appears on TBS and TNT as a part of their deal with Warner Media.

Tony Khan believes they will soon find a suitable broadcasting company and reach their full potential as WWE.

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