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NBC is an American broadcasting giant, considered to be the oldest of the “Big Three” American television networks. It is often described as the “Peacock network” due to its stylish, colourful logo.

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Since founding in 1926, NBC has established itself as a pillar of American media. Part of that success has been its sports coverage.

In recent decades, NBC’s forays into soccer have also yielded significant results for the Comcast-owned network, often aired on its Peacock live streaming service.


Which soccer events does NBC show?

NBC’s soccer portfolio may not be the biggest, but one thing it holds over all of its competitors is the crown jewel, the Premier League.

The undisputed biggest and most popular soccer competition on the planet, the English Premier League, is exclusively available on the NBC network.

It airs every single Premier League game of the season. The majority of games are available on its Peacock live streaming network, while some simulcast on the NBC channel itself on regular television.

Aside from its Premier League coverage, and related content, NBC also has an exclusive deal with the Liga MX side Chivas, whose matches it also broadcasts live on the Peacock service.

The best TV packages to get NBC in the US

There are a bunch of cable TV providers on which you can watch soccer on NBC Sports. These include Xfinity, DirecTV, Spectrum, Cox, DISH and Verizon.

The best option for soccer fans in the US is DirecTV. This is because it allows fans to watch NBC, and therefore the Premier League, as well as other key networks like USA, CBS and more, bringing with them coverage of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and more.

The best value-for-money play for soccer fans stateside is to get a Choice subscription to DirecTV. Its “Choice” option represents the best overall sports coverage available from the provider.

However, many people are ditching the cable TV model altogether, cutting the cord and opting for live streaming. Here’s some more info on that:

Best NBC Live Streaming Options

You would be crazy to consider any other option for watching soccer on NBC besides the Peacock live streaming service.

The cable providers are only necessary if you don’t have an internet connection or applicable device (Peacock is available on basically any mobile device).

Other live streaming platforms like Sling and FuboTV are far more expensive if all you want is NBC soccer.

Peacock comes in at just $5.99 a month. For that, you get Premier League soccer and Chivas soccer. It’s an outrageously good deal, which fans across the pond could only dream of.

Can You Watch NBC Using a VPN?

Fans from around the world can enjoy this unbelievable Peacock subscription price to watch the Premier League and more on NBC with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Via Peacock, soccer fans can enjoy the biggest games no matter where they are in the world.

Even if you don’t reside in the US, you can access the Peacock platform and its soccer live streams wherever you are, with the help of a VPN.

Assuming you have checked the rules and regulations regarding VPNs where you are, and done your due diligence regarding the best VPN to go with, there’s little stopping you from accessing soccer live streams on NBC with Peacock, wherever you may be.

Best NBC Soccer Pundits and Commentators

Premier League soccer coverage on NBC and Peacock is packed with some of the best on-air personalities in the sport.

These include hosts like Rebecca Lowe and Steve Bower, iconic announcers like Martin Tyler and Peter Drury, and analysts like Alan Shearer, Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle.

It’s an outstanding lineup of sports broadcasters with a huge expertise in soccer.

Pros and Cons of NBC soccer

The biggest advantage for NBC when it comes to soccer is of course its exclusive rights deal with the English Premier League.

While it may not hold the rights to show as many soccer leagues from around the world as its competitors, it is the home of the very biggest, and that’s a huge deal.

What’s more, the value for money of the Peacock live streaming service is another big plus for the network.

Soccer fans in the US can follow the biggest and best league on earth at an insanely low price. Nobody can compete with NBC when it comes to the Premier League.

The downside to NBC when it comes to soccer is of course its lack of variety, only showing Premier League games and selected Liga MX matches.

FAQ: How to watch soccer on NBC

Q. Does NBC stream soccer?
A. Yes. NBC streams live soccer from the English Premier League all throughout the season on its online platform, Peacock.

Q. Can you watch sports on NBC for free?
A. It is not possible to watch sports on NBC for free. You must have a valid subscription to a cable provider which carries the NBC network, or a subscription to NBC’s live streaming service, Peacock.

Q. How to watch Premier League games on NBC Sports?
A. You can watch Premier League games on NBC Sports, either via a cable provider like Spectrum, Verizon or DirecTV, or via live streaming on the direct-to-consumer Peacock platform.

Q.  How can you watch NBC for free?
A. Unfortunately it is not possible to watch NBC for free. It requires either a cable subscription or a subscription to the Peacock live streaming service.

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