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Amazon Prime Video UK

Amazon Prime Video, often referred to simply as Prime Video, is a global video subscription service. Created by American powerhouse Amazon, the platform offers on-demand and live-streaming content to subscribers either as a standalone service or as part of an ongoing Prime subscription.

Live Football on Amazon Prime Video UK

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Despite initially being an on-demand entertainment platform, Amazon has made significant forays into the world of sports live streaming in multiple territories in recent years. In the UK in particular, Prime Video now airs live coverage of the Premier League, and will soon add the UEFA Champions League to its roster.

Which football competitions does Amazon Prime Video show?

Prime Video has boosted its profile in the UK among football fans in recent years since it acquired the rights to show 20 English Premier League matches per season back in 2019.

That agreement with the English top flight is still in place and Amazon Prime Video still shows 20 EPL games per season. One interesting quirk is that Amazon decided to show all of its games in December, and many of them across the festive period.

Football fans have now become accustomed to Amazon being the home of the Christmas football schedule. Prime Video will provide live streaming coverage of two full mid-week game weeks, one in early December and another Tues-Thurs run starting on Boxing Day.

Prime Video persists with a similar pattern for its EPL coverage every year.

Despite Amazon Prime Video only being known among football fans for this festive Premier League period, the live-streaming platform will soon add the prestigious UEFA Champions League into the mix starting from the 2024/25 season.

After signing a new deal with UEFA, Amazon will show one UCL match per week from 2024 to 2027, amounting to 20 matches per season.

The best TV packages to get Amazon Prime Video

There are no TV packages, per se, for Amazon Prime Video, as it’s a live-streaming-only service. However, there are different types of subscriptions.

A subscription to Amazon Prime costs £8.99 per month. Alternatively, you can save some money by opting for the £95 annual subscription.

For that, you get the regular benefits of Prime (free delivery, etc) but also access to Prime Video, and in turn, those 20 Premier League matches each December.

Football fans with no interest in any of the entertainment or movie options on Prime Video, or who don’t use Amazon very often to buy goods, would be better off simply buying a one-month subscription every December and cancelling before it renews. This will give them access to those 20 Premier League matches each festive season for just £8.99.

However, those more discerning football fans can also purchase various add-ons to beef up their Prime subscriptions with more football.

On top of their basic subscription, fans can pay £29.99 a month to add the discovery+ Premium platform to their Prime Video deal, granting them access to all TNT Sports channels. There’s also a £14.99 a month Viaplay add-on, with which fans can watch Premier Sports, La Liga TV and more.

That means that on top of the 20 Premier League matches per season on Prime Video itself, with these add-ons, fans can use Prime to watch the UEFA Champions League on TNT Sports, La Liga on Viaplay and more.

Best Amazon Prime Video Live Streaming Options in the UK 

Amazon Prime Video is an entirely live-streaming entity, which is not available on linear television. The only way to watch Prime Video is online with a stable internet connection on the device of your choice. Here are no other options.

Can You Watch Amazon Prime Video Using a VPN?

Fans from around the world can watch football on the Amazon Prime Video live streaming platform with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Even if you don’t reside in the UK, you can access Prime Video football live streams wherever you are, with the help of a VPN. What’s more, with Prime Video holding football media rights across a number of territories, British consumers might be intrigued to check out what Amazon Prime Video has to offer elsewhere in terms of live football.

Assuming you have checked the rules and regulations regarding VPNs where you are, and done your due diligence regarding the best VPN to go with, there’s little stopping you from accessing football live streams on Amazon Prime Video, wherever you may be.

Best Amazon Prime Video Football Pundits and Commentators

Every December, Prime Video manages to attract some of the biggest names in football broadcasting to join its on-air coverage of the Premier League.

In terms of hosts, the likes of Gabby Logan and Laura Woods bring a touch of class to proceedings.

They are joined in the studio or pitchside by some famous faces and ex-pros. Amongst them are Alan Shearer, Glenn Hoddle Owen Hargreaves and Peter Crouch.

Meanwhile, in the gantry, the likes of Ally McCoist, Clive Tydesley and Peter Drury give the action its soundtrack.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime Video

The best thing about Prime Video is that it is contract-free and can be cancelled at any time. This enables many fans in the UK to use the service to follow the football when they want and then be done with the service until it is needed again.

The downside could be the limited number of Premier League matches available to Prime Video subscribers, something which surely the platform will look to change in the coming years.

However, the acquisition of UEFA Champions League rights starting next season will go some way towards pleasing consumers.

FAQ: How to watch football on Amazon Prime Video

Q. How do I watch football matches on Amazon Prime?
A. You can watch football matches on Amazon Prime Video by subscribing to Prime Video, downloading the Prime Video app - available on most devices and app stores - and sign in. Remember, Prime Video only show football themselves in December. Alternatively, you can pay for an add-on and get TNT Sports and other channels much earlier.

Q. Is BT Sport free with Amazon Prime?

A. TNT Sports, formerly known as BT Sport, is now free with Amazon Prime. It costs an additional £29.99 on top of your existing Prime subscription to access the Discovery+ Premium platform, which in turn enables you to watch TNT Sports on Prime Video.

Q. How to watch football on Amazon Prime Video for free?

A. The only way to watch football for free on Amazon Prime Video is to start one of their 7-day or 28-day free trials at the right time, ahead of their Premier League football coverage starting. These trials do come along fairly frequently, even if you’ve used one before. Check on the Amazon website if you are eligible to get one, and if so, wait until a day or two before the EPL game week starts and then sign up. Just remember to cancel your subscription before the free trial ends because it will likely auto-renew into a paid subscription following the end of the trial.

Q.  How to watch Premier League on Amazon Prime?

A. You can watch the Premier League on Amazon Prime Video each December. They show 20 matches across two full midweek match days, spanning from Tuesday to Thursday. Simply start a Prime subscription ahead of those games kicking off, sign on the device of your choice and start live streaming the Premier League..

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