Today Soccer Predictions

Welcome to Sporticos, your home of daily soccer predictions. Whether you're looking to find out what's going to happen in the Premier League, England National League, Champions League or even the Australia A League, we've got you covered. On our soccer predictions page you can find the probability of markets like first team to score, which team will win, the number of goals and more. From football tips about Real Madrid to odds for City versus United, you can get it all here today at Sporticos.

World Cup 1X2 O/U BTTS
LIVE Portugal
U 2.5

How do Sporticos Football Predictions Work?

Our football predictions page lists the fixtures taking place that day, starting with the most popular competitions but also including games from a whole host of different leagues. We clearly show you the most likely outcomes for each match. Our colour coded tabs and percentage markers give you all the information you need on a particular event all in one place and easily understandable.

1x2 Betting in Soccer

One of the most popular outcomes to bet on in soccer is 1x2 betting, otherwise known as three way betting. This is where you predict the final result of a match - a home win (1), a draw (x) or an away win (2). It's a market which is unique to soccer and only a few other sports. Many sports have only a winner or a loser but soccer is one of the few which can also have a draw. Our panel clearly shows you which of the three outcomes is most probable for each fixture and by what percentage. This data makes it a lot easier for you to decide whether to back the favourite or take a shot on an underdog.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals Betting

Another popular choice among football fans is the goals over/under market. Great value can be found with bookmakers for this if you do it right. Thanks to the data in our football predictions, you'll see if a match is likely to feature over 2.5 goals or under 2.5 goals. Our colour coded tabs clearly demonstrate which is the more predictable outcome with a percentage below to give you further reason to be confident. For example, if a given match has the "O 2.5" tab marked in green with "80%" below it, you can be sure there's a really good chance of more than two goals going in during that event.

Both Teams to Score

Another beloved marker in soccer betting has to be both teams to score. It's so popular because it's so simplistic. All you have to do is predict whether or not both teams will score in any given match. It's not complicated in theory but getting it right can be tough. That's where our soccer predictions can help you out. Next to each fixture on our soccer predictions page you'll see the "BTTS" column (popular shorthand for "Both Teams to Score") with either a green tab marked "Yes" or a red tab marked "No". If it's green, our data shows that both teams will probably score. If it's red, the likelihood is they won't. Our algorithms determine, through complex mathematical equations, which of the two possibilities is more likely and we show you the clear choice, along with a percentage chance for each.