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How to Watch La Liga in 2023-24 in the UK

La Liga, also known as La Liga EA Sports for sponsorship reasons, is one of the most popular professional football leagues globally. It is the top football league in Spain and is followed by millions of football fans around the world, including in the UK.

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Officially known as the Primera División, La Liga is the highest level of professional football in Spain. It was established in 1929 and has since grown to become one of the most-watched sports competitions in the world. The league is composed of 20 teams, household names like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid.

If you want to learn how to watch La Liga in the UK, you have come to the right place. Our complete guide to live streams and TV coverage for La Liga in 2023-24 covers all the bases. 


Which Channels Have La Liga TV Rights in the UK?

As a football fan, you might be wondering where you can watch your favorite La Liga matches in the UK.

The majority of La Liga matches are broadcast in the UK by Viaplay, who inherited the rights to show 300 matches per season from the Spanish top flight each season after purchasing former rights holder Premier Sports.

Fans can get access to Viaplay on TV by purchasing a package from Sky or Virgin Media.

Alternatively, Viaplay can be accessed via live streaming by subscribing directly on the Viaplay website or via an Amazon Prime Video subscription and add-on.

What’s more, free-to-air UK broadcaster ITV also has the rights to air 10 La Liga matches per season.


Best TV Packages to Watch La Liga in the UK

There are several different ways to access Viaplay.

If it’s important for you to watch on your TV, you will need to be a Sky customer or a Virgin Media customer.

If you have an existing Sky subscription, you can pay an additional £14.99 a month or one annual upfront payment of £99.00 to add Viaplay to your channel list.

All Virgin Media customers have access to Viaplay.

However, both of these legacy brands require very expensive, long-term contracts often bundling broadband and lots of channels a football fan might not necessarily care for.

These overall subscriptions can often cost upwards of £50 a month.

Alternatively, fans who have an internet connection can get Viaplay channels directly from Viaplay to watch via live streaming for just £14.99 a month or £99.00 a year without the need for any broadband bundles or any extra cost.

Amazon Prime Video subscribers can also add Viaplay to their Prime Video channels for an additional £14.99 a month.

Best Deals, Free Trials and Special Offers to Watch La Liga in the UK

The best deal for watching La Liga in the UK really is to subscribe to Viaplay directly.

An annual subscription to the Nordic-based sports streamer costs just £9.99 a month, and is very good value for money, considering they have the rights to not only La Liga, but also the Coppa Italia, Scottish Cup, Primeira Liga, UEFA Euros qualifying and more.

There are no significant deals or special offers that beat a standard Viaplay sub. Any other bundles and special offers will always end up costing more.

Even adding Viaplay on with Prime Video is the same additional cost as just subscribing to Viaplay.


Best La Liga Live Streaming Options in the UK

Sky customers who add Viaplay to their contracts can watch La Liga matches via the Sky Go app. Virgin Media customers can do the same on Virgin TV Go.

Amazon Prime subscribers can add the Viaplay channels to their subscription and watch La Liga on Viaplay on the Prime Video app across all their devices, including smartphones, smart TVs and tablets.

Those who purchase Viaplay direct from the Viaplay website can watch La Liga games there or on the dedicated Viaplay live streaming app, which boasts connectivity with all the usual devices.

In short, live streaming is the best way to enjoy La Liga in the UK on Viaplay.


Can You Watch La Liga Using a VPN? 

Fans could also consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access La Liga live streams from other providers around the world, who may be cheaper than subscribing to Viaplay in the UK.

One example among many is the United States, where ESPN holds the rights to La Liga games and airs them on its dedicated live streaming platform ESPN+ at a lower annual cost of that of Viaplay in the UK.

Assuming you have checked the rules and regulations regarding VPNs where you are, and done your due diligence regarding the best VPN to go with, there’s little stopping you from accessing these La Liga live streams on ESPN+ from the UK or elsewhere.

Of course you would need to subscribe to ESPN+ and purchase a VPN but the estimated combined cost of that endeavor would equal less than subscribing to Viaplay in the UK.

The United States is by no means the cheapest global option for watching La Liga live streams either. Check out our La Liga Price Index to find out more low cost options.


Best Platforms to Watch La Liga Highlights in the UK 

There are several ways to access La Liga highlights in the UK.

Viaplay upload highlights of every game to their website and app for subscribers to watch.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a Viaplay membership and don’t fancy paying for one, you can watch highlights of La Liga matches for free on YouTube on the Viaplay Sports YouTube channel.

Several La Liga clubs, including Real Madrid, also upload their own highlight packages of La Liga matches to their respective YouTube channels.

For highlights, you’re best off with YouTube.


FAQ: How to watch La Liga in the UK

Q. How to watch La Liga in UK for free? 
A. Free-to-air broadcaster ITV air one La Liga match on their free channels every month, adding up to 10 La Liga matches per season, available on TV or live stream in the UK absolutely free.

Q. How to watch La Liga in the UK online? 
A. There are many platforms, with different subscription requirements, offering fans the possibility of watching La Liga matches online. They are Viaplay Sports, Viaplay through Prime Video, Viaplay on the Sky Go app and Viaplay on the Virgin TV Go platform.

Q. How to watch La Liga in the UK on TV? 
A. Fans can watch La Liga in the UK on TV with Viaplay by adding it to their existing Sky or Virgin Media subscriptions, or by joining one of those two pay-TV providers and including the Viaplay Sports channels in their bundles. La Liga fans can also catch 10 Spanish top flight games per year completely free on ITV, that’s one per month throughout the season. 

Q. Does La Liga stream on TV? 
A. You can access La Liga matches via live streaming on your TV if it is a smart TV. That is because the rights holder Viaplay, and it’s mobile app, is available on most smart TVs.

Q. Where can I watch La Liga legally?
A. UK based football fans can watch La Liga legally with either Viaplay Sports or ITV depending on their budgets. Viaplay can be purchased through Sky, Virgin Media, Prime Video or directly on the Viaplay Sports website, while ITV is available to all UK citizens free of charge.


32nd matchday

  • 22 Apr
    1. Sevilla FC
    2. RCD Mallorca
  • 21 Apr
    1. Real Madrid
    2. FC Barcelona
  • 21 Apr
    1. Deportivo Alaves
    2. Atletico Madrid
  • 21 Apr
    1. UD Almeria
    2. Villarreal CF
  • 21 Apr
    1. Getafe CF
    2. Real Sociedad San Sebastian
  • 20 Apr
    1. Girona FC
    2. Cadiz CF
  • 20 Apr
    1. Valencia CF
    2. Real Betis Seville
  • 20 Apr
    1. Rayo Vallecano
    2. CA Osasuna
  • 20 Apr
    1. RC Celta de Vigo
    2. UD Las Palmas
  • 19 Apr
    1. Athletic Bilbao
    2. Granada CF



1Real Madrid25613281
4Atletico Madrid19493261
5Athletic Bilbao161063258
6Real Sociedad131273251
7Real Betis121283248
13Las Palmas107153237
14CD Alaves98153235
15Rayo Vallecano713123234
17Celta Vigo710153231