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Sporticos provides the most up-to-date football TV guide. We provide information on current matches, TV channels and schedules for all upcoming football on TV.


Welcome to our live football on TV page. At Sporticos, we pride ourselves on giving you all the information you could possibly need about football. Here we bring to you everything you need to know about where you can watch your favourite clubs and competitions live on TV. With our up to the minute data you can rest assured you will always be getting top quality information about which channel your team is playing, what time the match kicks off, links to those channels and much more. If you're looking for illegal live streams, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. If you're looking to know where you can watch matches from all over the world on legitimate and affordable TV networks, come on in. We provide data and information for where to watch live football on TV from football leagues around the world in Europe, South America and elsewhere. Here are some of the biggest competitions about which we provide all you need to know:

Premier League

The Premier League is the top division in English football and extremely popular among fans looking to watch live football on TV. Fans from across the world are desperate to tune into every match. Depending on your country, various broadcasters hold the rights to this elite competition and our live football on TV page will tell you exactly where to go and provide links. If you're in the UK, you can watch the Premier League with providers like Sky Sports and TNT Sports among others. Some of the biggest and most prestigious clubs in the world play in the Premier League such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. It is estimated that 4.7 billion viewers watch Premier League matches on live TV each year. When compared to other top leagues, the figures are incredible. It is for this reason that the EPL is able to command such vast sums of money for their overseas broadcasting deals, which often dwarf those of leagues like Serie A and Ligue 1. There's always some excitement to follow in the Premier League. The title race is usually the most enthralling in Europe. When other countries know at the start of the season almost categorically that one team is going to win the league, fans of the EPL have no clue as the title interchanges on an almost annual basis and famous dynasties are born and die off. Any one of six or even eight teams can be seen as genuine challengers. The famous Leicester City title win story which captured the imagination of the entire globe could not have happened in any other league. And that's just the title race. The competition for UEFA Champions League places and UEFA Europa League qualification is usually just as fierce and super fascinating to watch. Then there's the relegation battles which are always extremely tense and usually go down to the wire. This is all without mentioning the fierce local derbies and rivalries which are going on throughout the league. Overall it's an amazing competition loved by millions and watched live on TV across the world.


The EFL Championship is the second tier of English football, and yet when you look at attendance records, competitiveness and excitement it is generally regarded as a better league than most of the top divisions in the world. 24 clubs battle it out for the right to be promoted to a coveted position in the English Premier League. Some succeed automatically, others enter a play-off which is always nail-biting stuff, culminating in a final at Wembley Stadium watched live on TV by millions. Other clubs battle against relegation to stay in the league. These two very different goals are always so hard to achieve for the teams because the level of competition is so intense that you often see six teams all within reach of the title with a few games to go or even 10 teams all potentially in danger of relegation. It is simply a crazy league and that is why it is followed more closely around the world than some supposedly more elite and prestigious divisions. For fans of live football on TV this is an absolute must watch competition. Whether you're following the trials and tribulations of an underdog club hoping to avoid relegation to the EFL League One (the third tier of English football) or cheering on a former Premier League stalwart in their efforts to regain their position in the top flight, it's fantastic stuff either way. Many Championship games are broadcast on Sky Sports. Others can be viewed on the EFL's iFollow live streaming platform. Be sure to check back to our live football on TV page to keep up with when and where you can watch some of these games and enjoy the cracking entertainment that the Championship has to offer. You can usually see great historic clubs like Nottingham Forest and Derby County in this division, aside from those years when they make it into the Premier League.

FA Cup

The FA Cup is the world's oldest national football competition, the jewel in the crown of English football. Over 700 clubs from across England and Wales compete in the tournament every year and it is watched by millions of fans on TV. Audiences watch because they want to see romance and drama, they want to see David beat Goliath. When it comes to English football competitions on TV, this is one of the most spectator friendly as it is always packed with narrative, it always has a story to tell. It's perfect for the neutral football fan who wants to sit down on the sofa, turn on the TV and watch a game in which something truly magical could happen. For fans of the big clubs to those of the non-league, it represents a celebration of football at all levels and that's why it is watched so heavily and beloved by fans from across the UK. Games are often televised on the UK's free-to-air provider the BBC, which adds an extra element as most football on TV is in the hands of the pay-only providers like Sky Sports and TNT Sports. Some of the greats of the competition include Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool. You can always expect to see one or two of those in and around the latter stages of the tournament looking to add another one of those historic FA Cups to their trophy cabinets.

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious club competition in the world. It is the medal which every professional football player wants. In it's unique group and knock-out format, the best teams from around Europe play each other for the right to call themselves Europe's best. The competition draws gigantic TV ratings not only in Europe but across the world as fans clamber to watch teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, PSG and Juventus. When it comes to live football on TV, there's nothing better than the moment that UEFA Champions League music hits and you get those goosebumps because you know you're about to see a huge match. The tournament runs from qualifiers which include smaller teams from across the continent, into the group stage where many of those smaller clubs get their just reward for their fantastic efforts in the previous season, that reward being the right to play against the big boys. Some people would like to threaten that dynamic but all true football fans love watching the smaller teams try to pull off an upset against the galacticos and that's why they watch the UEFA Champions League live on TV every chance they get. After the group stage, we enter the knockout stages which are two legged affairs all the way to the final, which is usually the biggest and most watched football match on TV of the year. Sometimes a smaller team goes all the way and wins the thing like FC Porto did under Jose Mourinho and it's moments like that which make for magical TV in the UEFA Champions League. In the UK, TNT Sports have exclusive rights to all UEFA competitions including the UEFA Champions League so you can watch all of its games live on TV with TNT Sport.

UEFA Europa League

A slightly less prestigious but still huge competition, drawing big live football TV numbers, is the UEFA Europa League. There was some scepticism when it first came around among fans of bigger clubs but that is certainly not the case anymore. With the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea appearing regularly in finals of the tournament, it is clearly no joke. Any football fan, even one of a huge club, would be more than happy to see their team lift the UEFA Europa League trophy. It runs in a similar fashion to the UEFA Champions League with the only difference being a larger group stage, one extra knock-out round and the exciting dynamic of having some teams from the UEFA Champions League dropping in at the later stages. This really creates opportunities for magical memories with the likes of Tottenham Hostpur dropping into the tournament and facing off with smaller teams like Dinamo Zagreb, leading to the possibility of historic upsets, and that is what live football on TV is all about. Sevilla are the dominant force in the competition, having won it six times, most of those in recent memory. There are also other great clubs like AS Roma, Ajax and AC Milan who often compete in the tournament and do well. The UEFA Europa League is watched by millions of football fans who want to see huge historic clubs attempt to win a piece of major European silverware and plucky underdogs try to go as far as they can, like London club Fulham did when they lost out in the final to Atletico Madrid around a decade ago. Exciting UEFA Europa League matches can be seen exclusively on TNT Sports, who until 2024 hold the rights to all UEFA club competition matches including the UEFA Champions League and the upcoming UEFA Conference League.

European Championship (The Euros)

The European Championship is one of the most important football competitions in the world and sees the elite players of Europe facing off every four years. Huge nations like Germany, Spain, Italy, France and England do battle to be crowned the Champions of Europe. In international football, it is second only to the World Cup. You can expect to see the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Braut Haaland, Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane playing alongside their countrymen in the hope of lifting the prestigious trophy. In the UK, the tournament is often referred to simply as “The Euros” The European Championship is broadcast in the UK on free-to-air TV by law to ensure that ever football fan, regardless of their finances, can enjoy the show. It is shown on BBC and ITV, on their flagship channels BBC One and ITV, as well as secondary channels like ITV4. Some of the most beloved football pundits in the country participate in pre-match coverage and the tournament is a festival of football for fans in the UK with every single game from the group stage to the final shown live on TV. In terms of live football on TV, this competition is always guaranteed to attract gigantic ratings as millions of fans from across the country tune in to cheer on England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and often the Republic of Ireland as they face the greatest nations and players in Europe.

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