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Premier Sports

Premier Sports is a group of pay-TV sports channels based in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The company was formed in 2009 by a part-owner of the now Setanta Sports. 

Live Football on Premier Sports

After the network reached a peak in terms of subscriber base and revenue, Nordic streaming service Viaplay bought Premier Sports, along with the football TV rights it held at the time. 

However, Premier Sports would make a shock return to the UK market in late 2023 as Viaplay began its exit from the territory and sold those football media rights back to their former owner.

Which football competitions does Premier Sports show?

The majority of football TV rights held by Premier Sports concern Scottish football. Formerly on Viaplay, they now once again show matches involving the Scotland men’s national football team, including big qualifying games for the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championships.

Premier Sports’ coverage of Scottish football doesn’t stop with just the national team. They also give their subscribers the chance to follow club football from the domestic cups in Scotland, the Scottish Cup and the Scottish League Cup.

However, Premier Sports’ football rights go beyond Scotland. They also have the right to show action from the Spanish top flight La Liga, one of the biggest football competitions in the world.

The best TV packages to get Premier Sports

Premier Sports channels are available to watch for Sky and Virgin TV customers. There are a variety of bundles available to reduce the cost of watching Premier Sports channels with these providers. However, the best option is live streaming.

Best Premier Sports Live Streaming Options in the UK 

Premier Sports has promised that on its return to the UK market in early 2024, it will be launching an, as yet unnamed, live streaming platform.

Before being bought by Viaplay, Premier Sports made its content available online via the Premier Player streaming service.

Perhaps Premier Sports will revive this product, or they may bring out an entirely new one. However, when they do, this will surely be the most convenient and cost-effective way of watching Premier Sports, and the football present on the network.

Can You Watch Premier Sports Using a VPN?

Fans from around the world who are not able to subscribe to Premier Sports, simply because they do not reside in the UK, could consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access Premier Sports live streams, which may be a cheaper option than the ones they have at home.

Assuming you have checked the rules and regulations regarding VPNs where you are, and done your due diligence regarding the best VPN to go with, there’s little stopping you from accessing Premier Sports live streams.

Of course, you would need to subscribe to Premier Sports and purchase a VPN, but that combined cost could work out better than what you pay for your football TV options where you are.

Best Premier Sports Pundits and Commentators

The Republic of Ireland branch of Premier Sports boasts some of the best football commentators and pundits in the game. Big-name former players and top broadcasters like Neil Lennon, Shay Given, Ally McCoist, Mark Pougatch and Sam Matterface are regularly present on its programming.

In the UK, Viaplay has often used a much more eclectic, niche and overseas-based lineup of pundits and commentators for its football coverage, including the likes of Albert Ferrer, Guillem Balague and Toni Padilla.

However, as Viaplay transitions back to being Premier Sports, it is unknown which faces we could see appearing on our screens covering the Scotland national team and La Liga for the new-look Premier Sports.

Pros and Cons of Premier Sports

The biggest pro for Premier Sports is how well it caters to the Scottish football fan. If you’re a fan of Scottish club football or the Scotland men’s national team, Premier Sports is a great destination for you.

What’s more, it does also provide coverage of one of the world’s biggest competitions in La Liga, among other football events.

The main drawback is that it does not feature any high-profile matches from the English side of the game, including the English Premier League.

Additionally, Premier Sports’ current situation is a little in limbo as it completes its transition back into the UK market and out of Viaplay. The pros and cons of the network will become a lot more clear after this takes place.

FAQ: How to watch football on Premier Sports

Q. How do I watch Premier Sports?
A. You can watch Premier Sports 1 and Premier Sports 2 either on Sky or Virgin TV, or you can subscribe to the Premier Sports live streaming service to watch online.

Q. Is Premier Sports on Amazon Prime?
A. Viaplay had a deal with Amazon Prime which customers could use to add its channels to their Prime Video accounts for a price of £14.99 a month. It is likely that Premier Sports will have a similar agreement in place soon.

Q. How to watch football on Premier Sports online free?
A. It is not possible to watch Premier Sports for free online. You must subscribe to the Premier Sports streaming service and pay for a monthly subscription.

Q.  How to watch football on Premier Sports on TV?
A. Fans can watch Premier Sports and the football it shows either on Sky or Virgin TV.

Q.  How to watch football on Premier Sports free?
A. It is not possible to watch Premier Sports for free. It is a pay-TV sports network.

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