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TNT Sports is one of the biggest pay-TV sports broadcasters in the UK and boasts a huge portfolio of football TV rights. Previously known as BT Sport, until a merger with Warner Bros. Discovery led to a rebrand as TNT Sports ahead of the 2023-24 season, the provider airs live coverage of some of the biggest football competitions in world football. 

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Today , Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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Which football competitions does TNT Sports show?

TNT Sports is best known in the UK as the exclusive home of all UEFA club competitions. These include the UEFA Champions League, arguably the pinnacle of club football, the UEFA Europa League, and the UEFA Europa Conference League. Across its linear and online platforms, TNT Sports shows every single game from these competitions each season.

TNT Sports also covers 52 Premier League matches per season in a rights deal that it shares with fellow pay-TV giant Sky Sports, streaming platform Amazon Prime Video, and free-to-air broadcaster the BBC.

On top of this, the network also has the rights to the French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, and the National League, England’s fifth-tier football competition.

TNT Sports’ portfolio makes it a must-have for any football fan based in the UK as it broadcasts hundreds of matches per season from some of the most-watched competitions on the planet.

The best TV packages to get TNT Sports

There are multiple providers offering various packages to get TNT sports and all of the fantastic football content it produces, including hundreds of the biggest live games of the season.

For instance, Virgin Media customers can add TNT sports to their existing deals via Virgin Media Stream for an extra £10 per month.

Meanwhile, BT subscribers can watch TNT Sports on the discovery+ live-streaming platform for £20 a month.

However, both of these packages and others like them require you to be an existing customer of these big media brands or sign up to become a new customer by getting a broadband and TV package, something you may not want or need.

Therefore, the best TV package option is simply to sign up for discovery+ and pay a total of £29.99 with no hidden costs or commitments to long contracts, internet packages, etc. You can cancel a subscription to discovery+ at any time and it carries all TNT Sports live channels, as well as a large library of its own entertainment and sports content.

Best TNT Sports Live Streaming Options in the UK 

Football fans in the UK can livestream the biggest games from the UEFA Champions League, Premier League and more by subscribing to the online discovery+ platform, which grants the user access to all of TNT Sports’ live channels.

The discovery+ app is available on a myriad of devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and more. Users can easily follow all of the elite football action they want, at home or on the go, with discovery+.

Can You Watch TNT Sports Using a VPN?

Fans from around the world who are not able to subscribe to TNT Sports, simply because they do not reside in the UK, could consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access TNT Sports live streams, which may be a cheaper option than the ones they have at home.

Assuming you have checked the rules and regulations regarding VPNs where you are, and done your due diligence regarding the best VPN to go with, there’s little stopping you from accessing TNT Sports live streams.

Of course, you would need to subscribe to TNT Sports and purchase a VPN, but that combined cost could work out better than what you pay for your football TV options where you are.

Best TNT Sports Pundits and Commentators

TNT Sports boasts some of the biggest names and most popular talent when it comes to football broadcasting in the UK. Their pundits and commentators are some of the most beloved in the land.

The list of football pundits and experts that TNT Sports boasts includes the likes of former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand, former England striker Peter Crouch, and Balon d’Or winner Michael Owen, among many more.

In terms of the commentary booth, fans can hear from some of the most accomplished broadcasters in the world of football, including names like Darren Fletcher, Ian Darke, Ally McCoist, and Steve McManaman.

Pros and Cons of TNT Sports

TNT Sports is a great option for football fans in the UK for several reasons. It is the exclusive home of the UEFA Champions League, which is reason alone to subscribe for most. It can be accessed at a reasonable price of £29.99 via the discovery+ app. You don’t need to sign up to a long broadband or TV bundle contract to get it.

The only real downside for TNT Sports when compared to, for example, key competitor Sky Sports, is that TNT Sports only shows 52 English Premier League games per year, far fewer than Sky does.

FAQ: How to watch TNT Sports

Q. How can I watch TNT in the UK?

A. You can watch TNT Sports in the UK via linear television or online live streaming, depending on your preference. If you want to watch on TV, you will need to sign up for a deal with Virgin Media or BT, usually involving an internet package. Alternatively, you can get a cancel-anytime, no-strings-attached subscription to the streaming platform discovery+ and watch all TNT Sports channels there.

Q. Is TNT Sports free on Amazon Prime?

A. No. While the discovery+ platform, and in turn TNT Sports,  is available on Prime Video for an additional £29.99 on top of any normal Prime membership, it is not available for free.

Q. Can I get TNT Sports for free?

A. No. TNT Sports cannot legally be accessed for free anywhere. There are different deals and avenues to get TNT Sports in the UK but none of them come for free.

Q. Is TNT Sports free on Discovery Plus UK?

A. In a sense,  yes. If you already have a subscription to the discovery+ Premium platform for £29.99 a month, then TNT Sports is a free bonus for you. The platform is not just about TNT Sports. It has a whole raft of entertainment and sports content, both live and on-demand, so for some TNT Sports could be considered a free add-on to something they already subscribe to.

Q. What is the cheapest way to get TNT Sport?

A. The cheapest and most convenient way to get access to TNT Sports is via a £29.99 a month subscription to the live-streaming platform discovery+.

Q. How much is TNT Sports UK?

A. The price of TNT Sports varies depending on how you get it. If you are already a customer of a particular company, you may be able to add TNT Sports to your subscription for a low extra cost. However, if you don’t, TNT Sports can be accessed for £29.99 a month via discovery+.

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