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Arsenal FC

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    Flag ENG England
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    Emirates Stadium
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Flag ENG Premier League

  • 5 Dec
    1. Luton Town
    2. Arsenal FC
  • 2 Dec
    1. Arsenal FC
    2. Wolverhampton Wanderers


Flag ENG Premier League

3Aston Villa10231532
4Man City9331530
6Man Utd9061527
9West Ham7351524
14Crystal Palace4471516
16Nottm Forest3481513
20Sheff Utd1212155

Team news & information

Arsenal, also known as “The Gunners” are one of the most famous football clubs in England, based in Islington, London. For a side which hasn’t been relegated from the top flight since 1919, their humble beginnings might surprise some. It all started at the Royal Arsenal armament factory in Woolwich where the club was created by a group of workers. The team’s badge - the logo of a cannon - and nickname make much more sense with a little back story.

Almost a century later, Arsenal would go on to become established as a hugely successful force in the English game, with the arrival of iconic manager Arsène Wenger. The Frenchman transformed the club into a well oiled machine, partly due to the successful import of French players such as Robert Pirés, Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry, all becoming big stars.

Between 1996 and 2004, Arsenal claimed three League titles and three FA Cups, with the 2003–2004 season being particularly noteworthy due to the club not losing a single game in the Premier League. That squad, powered by Henry's 30 goals in 37 matches, was later famously dubbed “The Invincibles”. This feat has never been replicated, despite the best efforts of many a great manager and many a fantastic squad.

Although Arsenal are not quite the popular, high scoring team they used to be in their glory days, this doesn't mean it is all downhill from here. On the contrary, Arsenal are still a prominent team with a lot to prove on the domestic and international scene.

Arsenal are one of the greatest clubs in England to this day, proudly carrying a rich heritage of success both historically and in the modern Premier League era, with huge numbers of fans from all around the world following Arsenal on TV or live streaming.

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