1X2 Predictions

Welcome to Sporticos and our 1x2 predictions page. Here we'll provide you with our football predictions for the 1x2 market. Like many terms in the sports betting lexicon, 1x2 may have you confused but there is no need to be. 1x2 betting is simply choosing the correct outcome of a football match. The 1 is short hand for the home team, the X represents a draw and the 2 is the away team. On this page we'll show you how likely it is that 1 will win (home), 2 will win (away) or the game will end in a draw (x). Our football statistics will leave you feeling confident about choosing the correct result of any given football match.

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What are 1x2 Predictions in football?

1x2 betting, otherwise known as three-way betting is very popular in football and quite unique in the betting landscape. A football match can end in any of three ways (a win for either of the two teams or a draw), while many other sports can only end with a winner and a loser. 1x2 as a term is just a simplification of this concept. If you're looking to predict the correct final result of a football game, you're playing in the 1x2 market.

How do Sporticos 1x2 Predictions Work?

Our handy graphics show you quickly and easily which of the three is the most likely outcome in the soccer game of your choosing. On our 1x2 Predictions page, you'll see a list of fixtures for today and the coming days. Next to each match there is a column with the title "1x2" and below it you'll see either a 1, 2 or X to demonstrate which of the three is the most probable eventuality. If for example you see a "1" next to Arsenal vs Liverpool, that means Arsenal are the likely winners of that contest. You'll also find a helpful percentage underneath to know just how likely that is.

The History of 1x2

The advent of 1x2 betting in football is believed to have come around shortly after the Second World War and quickly became very popular among punters, especially those looking for a simple way to replicate the high earning potential of things like the pools or lotto. This is why many football fans today still use this market to build accumulators.

1x2 Soccer Accumulators

The three-way betting model is perfect for building accumulators, commonly known as accas. You'll find tonnes of would-be tipsters on the internet offering "acca tips" but at Sporticos we just provide the cold, hard mathematical data and let you choose your own path. If you can see several heavy percentage markers on our football predictions page under the 1x2 column, you might want to consider combining those 1s, 2s and Xs to create a correct result accumulator.

Hot Picks! - The Football Predictions Podcast

You can also get expert football prediction and betting tips when you listen to our podcast Hot Picks! Two experts sit down every Friday and discuss fixtures coming up each weekend, offering up correct score predictions, as well as tips for all of the markets offered on the site - 1x2, Goals Over/Under, BTTS. Listen on Apple, Spotify or Google, or check it out on our Hot Picks! page.