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Who We Are

Sporticos is your place to be for all things football and live streaming. We bring you closer to the biggest and best football matches in the world through our Legal Sports Streams, handy user guides, cutting edge data and breaking news from the world of live streaming. We're all about giving our users the best football viewing experience possible.

What We Do

We use top-of-the-line data to tell you how to watch your favourite football teams and matches. We connect our users to Legal Sports Streams from reputable sources and we never host any illegal live stream links. Our streams, news articles and helpful guides can show you exactly when and where you can watch your the biggest football matches from wherever you are. So ditch the dodgy websites, the endless pop-ups, the viruses and the hackers, and enjoy high quality, reliable and Legal Sports Streams with Sporticos.

Our Mission

We want to make life easier for football fans around the globe. Our goal is to offer hassle-free, quick access to legal live streams of some of the biggest events from the wonderful world of football. The key word is legal. There are enough illegal streaming sites out there full of malware, pop-ups and random weirdos in the chat. Our mission is to be the antidote to that - a bastion of legality, a shining beam of light in the dark, creepy forest that can sometimes be watching football online.

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Our Story

Sporticos was born in 2013 with an idea. Maciek, the founder of Sporticos, had just watched a UEFA Champions League football game between Legia Warsaw and Steaua Bucharest. A thought popped into his mind - wouldn't it be nice if there were a website where fans could see all of the key information and statistics leading into matches in the form of infographics, instead of typical written match previews? This was the idea which started it all. Maciek, with the help of a bunch of eager football fanatics, managed to put together the first working version of our site. It took several months to prepare. It was only when users started appearing on the site that the idea was confronted head-on with the real needs of our users. As it turned out, the infographics idea didn't work. So Maciek gave up and the site was taken down. Only kidding. Trial and error is what startups are all about, and this was by no means the end. by talking to football fans from around the globe and putting forward idea after idea after idea, we truck gold and Sporticos found its calling - Legal Sports Streams. The winning concept for our site became Legal Sports Streams, a place for fans from around the globe to find everything they need to watch their favourite sporting teams and events live, online and preferably free, without descending to illegal live stream sites. Some of you may not know this, or many of you may have forgotten, but not too long ago people actually watched football on TV - who knew? Back in those days, it was so easy to know where to watch your favourite teams because only a few matches were broadcast. Then the internet came along and everything changed. Today, football fans are blessed with so many different options for watching events. You can bet that the big game tonight is on old school TV, cable, satelite, OTC platforms, YouTube, bookmaker app live streams, everywhere - it's enough to make you dizzy. But all of this choice is a gift and a curse. While it's never bad to have plenty of options, we all know how it feels to scroll through Netflix for an hour trying to decide what to watch. Here at Sporticos, we strive to bring all of that data, all of that information together into one place, put it into one neat package, and tell you how and where you can watch every match of the day in your country, in the cheapest and most convenient way. That's our story. That's our goal. That's what we do.

Meet Our Team

Sporticos Team

Starting from left: Jan Salwowski - Frontend Developer, Michał Cywiński - Product Owner, Craig Resnik-Hanson - Editor-in-Chief, Jakub Drozd - CEO, Rafał Kozieł - Backend Developer, Przemysław Łapiński - Backend Developer

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We love hearing from our users and fellow football fans so please feel free to reach out. If you have any questions, doubts, complaints, or you'd be interested in writing for Sporticos, we are excited to hear from you. Head to our Contact page to find out how.