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How to Watch the UEFA Champions League in 2023-24 in the UK

The chances are that you landed on this page because you want to learn how to watch the UEFA Champions League in the UK. Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

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Our guide to watching the UCL in 2023-24 covers everything you need to know, including information on channels, broadcasters, TV deals, online streaming, highlights and upcoming fixtures.

What Channel Has UEFA Champions League TV Rights in the UK?

TNT Sports is the exclusive Champions League TV rights holder in the UK. Formerly known as BT Sport, the company was acquired by Warner Bros. Discovery and rebranded for the 2023-24 season. 

Under the current deal, TNT Sports is permitted to broadcast every Champions League game from the group stage to the final. With a total of 125 UCL matches on offer across the season, there is no shortage of action to enjoy. 

These matches are shown across multiple TV channels (TNT Sports 1, TNT Sports 2, TNT Sports 3 and TNT Sports 4), as well as several digital or red-button channels (TNT Sports 5-10).
Best TV Packages to Watch the UEFA Champions League in the UK 
You can subscribe to TNT Sports through discovery+, BT, Sky, EE and Virgin Media.

Consequently, there are lots of different options to choose from when it comes to TV packages for Champions League football. 

Virgin Media currently offers the cheapest TNT Sports subscription via their Stream TV service, with the add-on costing only £10 a month. Meanwhile, Sky and BT provide TNT Sports on a rolling monthly basis, although these packages can be more flexible.

It is also worth noting that Virgin Media is a great option for UCL fans. Virgin Media’s Bigger Bundle serves up all four TNT Sports channels in full 1080p HD, along with TNT Sports Ultimate in 4K.

Best Deals, Free Trials and Special Offers to Watch the UEFA Champions League in the UK

Providers often dish up special offers and deals for TNT Sports packages, meaning fans of the Champions League can find price-slashing promotions throughout the season. 

BT is offering an exclusive Sport package for £18 a month (with an up-front payment of £39.99), which includes all four TNT Sports channels, Eurosport and discovery+. And if you’re a BT broadband customer, you can get TNT Sports for £20 a month on a cancel-anytime contract. 

Elsewhere, Amazon Prime Video is now offering discovery+ Premium to all Prime members for an extra £29.99 per month. The deal also comes with a 30-day free trial, which will set you up nicely to access all TNT Sports channels. 

Best UEFA Champions League Live Streaming Options in the UK  

The discovery+ app is now the home of streaming for TNT Sports in the UK. With a TNT Sports subscription, you can live stream Champions League matches on discovery+ via your TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

You can also enjoy live Champions League streams via other avenues, including Virgin Media’s TV Go app. On top of that, streaming services such as NOW TV allow you to download apps and watch UCL live streams. 

Can You Watch the UEFA Champions League With a VPN? 

The use of VPNs has skyrocketed in recent years, with fans across the globe using virtual private networks to watch the Champions League and other football competitions. 

While fans can watch the UCL with a VPN, we recommend checking the rules and regulations surrounding VPNs before you get started. After all, VPN laws vary depending on where you are in the world. 

Best Platforms to Watch UEFA Champions League Highlights in the UK  

As the exclusive TV rights holder for the Champions League in the UK, TNT Sports air highlights shows across the course of the campaign. There are highlights shows after every round of matches, keeping fans up to speed on all the latest action.

You can also watch UCL highlights via discovery+. TNT Sports uses the streaming platform to air on-demand highlights and other Champions League content like preview shows and documentaries.
The official TNT Sports YouTube channel is another great option for Champions League highlights. The channel boasts more than five million subscribers and provides UCL highlights, post-match interviews and other reactions.

If you’re looking for short and sharp Champions League highlights, head over to UEFA.tv. The UEFA-operated website offers sub-two-minute highlight packages for every UCL game. 

FAQ: How to Watch the UEFA Champions League

Q. Can I watch the Champions League for free?
A. While the Champions League is not available for free on UK TV, fans in the UK and elsewhere can access games for free on LiveScore by using a VPN to challenge their location to the Republic of Ireland, where LiveScore makes all games available for free.

Q. How can I watch the Champions League in the UK?
A. TNT Sports is available through discovery+, BT, Sky, EE and Virgin Media. All of these providers offer TNT Sports packages at varying prices. 

Q. Is the Champions League free on Prime?
A. No, the Champions League is not free on Amazon Prime Video. However, Prime members can access discovery+ Premium for an additional £29.99 a month and watch UCL there.

Q. Can I watch the Champions League on NOW TV?
A. If you have the discovery+ app downloaded on your NOW account, you can use your TNT Sports membership to live stream Champions League matches.

Q. How can I watch Champions League highlights?
A. UCL highlights are available on TNT Sports TV channels, the discovery+ on-demand service and the official TNT Sports YouTube channel, the latter being arguably the easiest option.

Q. What is UEFA.tv?
A. UEFA.tv is a website that offers live streaming of select UEFA competitions, Champions League highlights and more football content.

Q. Which team has won the most Champions League titles?
A. Real Madrid has won a record 14 European Cup/Champions League titles over the years. AC Milan (7), Bayern Munich (6), Liverpool (6) and Barcelona (5) complete the top five.


1/8 finals

  • 21 Feb
    1. FC Porto
    2. Arsenal FC
  • 21 Feb
    1. SSC Napoli
    2. FC Barcelona
  • 20 Feb
    1. Inter Milano
    2. Atletico Madrid
  • 20 Feb
    1. PSV Eindhoven
    2. Borussia Dortmund
  • 14 Feb
    1. Paris Saint-Germain
    2. Real Sociedad San Sebastian
  • 14 Feb
    1. Lazio Rome
    2. Bayern Munich
  • 13 Feb
    1. FC Copenhagen
    2. Manchester City
  • 13 Feb
    1. RB Leipzig
    2. Real Madrid


Group A

1Bayern Munich510616
2FC Copenhagen22268
4Man Utd11464

Group B


Group C

1Real Madrid600618
4Union Berlin02462

Group D

1Real Sociedad330612
2Inter Milan330612
4FC Salzburg11464

Group E

1Atletico Madrid420614

Group F

1Borussia Dortmund321611
3AC Milan22268

Group G

1Man City600618
2RB Leipzig402612
3Young Boys11464
4Red Star Belgrade01561

Group H

2FC Porto402612
3Shakhtar Donetsk30369