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Over/Under 2.5 goals predictions

Sporticos provides you with a dedicated predictions page for one of the most widely used metrics in football betting - over/under 2.5 goals. Using complex data analytics and algorithms, we are able to determine whether a match is likely to feature more than 2.5 goals or fewer. Our clear and easily digestible interface tells you exactly which of the two outcomes is more probable.

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What is Over/Under 2.5 Goals Betting?

Soccer has a variety of different markets to bet on but the most popular is perhaps goals over/under 2.5. When looking for value in the market, something clear and simple is always going to be advantageous and goals over/under is certainly that. To back a winner in this way, you simply need to predict if more or fewer than 2.5 goals will be scored in any given soccer match.

How Can Sporticos Predict Goals Over/Under 2.5?

Using our dedicated statistical modelling we are able to predict with relative certainty whether the number of goals in a given football match will be more or fewer than three (2.5) and our graphics make that pick very easy for you to understand. In the fixture list on goals over/under 2.5 predictions page, you'll see a column marked "O/U" next to each match. It will also display the word "Yes" or "No" on a convenient little tab. A "Yes" meaning that goals are likely to be over 2.5 will be displayed in green and a "No" meaning the opposite will be shown in red. A very useful percentage is also placed below each prediction to show the level of confidence our algorithm has in that prediction. We gather our data using cutting edge technology and give it to you in very clear terms.

Over/Under is Not Unique to Soccer

Unlike other betting markets like 1x2, Over/Under is used in many sports other than soccer. American football, baseball and basketball are just a few of the sports for which bookmakers regularly offer this market. The aim is always for the punter to correctly choose whether the number of goals or points in an event will fall above or below a certain number. In our case we always show you how likely it is that a fixture will feature more or fewer than 2.5 goals, but in other sports it could be an entirely different goal or point threshold.

How to Build an Over/Under Accumulator

One very popular technique for those who bet on football matches nowadays is to combine over/under 2.5 goals picks to create an accumulator. If you've identified, from our helpful buttons and percentages, that three or four matches are very likely to feature fewer than 2.5 goals, why not place an accumulator bet for all of those fixtures to come in under 2.5 goals?

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