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Jake Humphrey to leave BT Sport after Champions League final

Published: Updated: 06:13, 26 May 2023
The presenter will step back from his role after 10 years

Jake Humphrey has announced that he will leave BT Sport following the 2022-23 football season, ending a decade-long career with the broadcaster.

The 44-year-old will leave his role after the UEFA Champions League final on June 10, having joined BT Sport back in 2013. 

Humphrey has hosted many of BT Sport’s biggest broadcasts over the years, presenting countless memorable Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup matches. However, the time has come for him to move on.

Jake Humphrey, who revealed his BT Sport departure via LinkedIn, said:

“After 10 wonderful years, I am stepping back from BT.

“As a football fan, hosting Premier League matches, FA Cup games and European Finals has meant the world to me. It has been my dream job.

“I’ve loved being a very small part of a world class production team.

“I also feel blessed to have shared the screen with legends of the game and incredible broadcasters, who have become friends. Thank you all.”

Humphrey is the co-founder and director of production company Whisper, and he also runs The High Performance Podcast. It is believed that he has left BT Sport to spend more time on these projects.

Continuing his farewell message, Humphrey said:

“When I joined BT in 2013 I didn’t have children, Whisper was in its infancy and I didn’t even know what a podcast was!

“A decade on, Whisper now has hundreds of team members who I want to work with more, and the impact of The High Performance Podcast amazes me daily.

“I’m also not ashamed to say I remain hugely ambitious.

“Stepping back from BT will allow me space to pursue other projects and fulfil other ambitions. I’m excited.

“To everyone that’s watched and commented, both good and bad (!), thank you! It’s been a blast...x”

BT Sport is set to rebrand as TNT Sports this summer, as the broadcaster has teamed up with premier global media and entertainment company Warner Bros. Discovery to reform the channel.

In addition to Humphrey’s departure, we could see further presenter and pundit changes when TNT Sports launches in July.

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