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The EPL Price Index - The Cheapest Countries in the World to watch the Premier League

The Premier League Price index is a price comparison tool which tells you how much Premier League fans pay to watch matches in various countries around the world. We hand picked 35 nations spread across six continents, listed the cheapest price in each place to access as many Premier League games of the 2023/24 season as possible. Many of the countries on this list have a lasting football heritage based on the size of their domestic leagues, performances of their national teams in international tournaments, and co-effiecient rankings. Other countries may not have this level of notoriety in the game but are very relevant to the sport right now. Then there are growing football markets with huge potential. This index is regularly updated to reflect economic changes, broadcasting rights changes, latest offers and other factors. However, if you feel there is anything amiss with this data, please feel free to contact us with any tips or deals you are aware of. If you know of a way to watch the Premier League at a lower price where you are, drop us a line and tell us. We would be very happy to update the Premier League Price Index if any of this information is wrong or should change, and we would value your help in making those changes.

We have done our utmost to make this study as accurate as possible, but we aren't perfect. If you feel anything is amiss with this data, please get in touch and let us know. We would be happy to make changes. We plan to update the index all the time. Use the contact info here to reach out to us with your suggestions.

Price chart

Country Value Annual cost Cost Providers
Flag GBRUnited Kingdom
Base currency 658.97 GBP658.97 GBP
Sky Sports
TNT Sports
Flag IRLIreland
660.00 EUR564.49 GBP
Sky Sports
TNT Sports
Premier Sports
Flag NORNorway
7490 NOK564.01 GBP
Flag SWESweden
6990.00 SEK535.08 GBP
Flag DNKDenmark
4490 DKK514.78 GBP
Flag FINFinland
449.90 EUR384.79 GBP
Flag USAUnited States
459.99 USD363.37 GBP
USA Network
Flag HKGHong Kong
3576 HKD361.23 GBP
Flag FRAFrance
419.88 EUR359.12 GBP
Flag NZLNew Zealand
449.99 NZD220.18 GBP
Sky Sports
Flag GRCGreece
249.00 EUR212.97 GBP
Nova Sports
Flag DEUGermany
240.00 EUR205.27 GBP
Sky Deutschland
Flag SGPSingapore
302.64 SGD178.05 GBP
Flag MYSMalaysia
999.9 MYR165.28 GBP
Astro SuperSport
Flag ITAItaly
178.80 EUR152.93 GBP
Sky Italia
Flag ESPSpain
155.88 EUR133.32 GBP
Flag PRTPortugal
143.88 EUR123.06 GBP
Eleven Sports
Flag NLDNetherlands
139.90 EUR119.65 GBP
Flag EGYEgypt
4680.00 EGP119.58 GBP
beIN Sports
Flag JPNJapan
21,890.00 JPY114.97 GBP
Flag ESTEstonia
129.90 EUR111.10 GBP
Flag CANCanada
179.94 CAD105.46 GBP
Fubo TV
Flag POLPoland
528.00 PLN104.58 GBP
Flag AUSAustralia
199.00 AUD103.12 GBP
Optus Sports
Flag ZAFSouth Africa
2388 ZAR98.65 GBP
Flag THAThailand
3,990.00 THB87.74 GBP
True Visions NOW
Flag BRABrazil
490.8 BRL78.50 GBP
Flag CHLChile
95,000.00 CLP77.37 GBP
Flag CZECzech Republic
1890.00 CZK63.87 GBP
Flag QATQatar
240.00 QAR52.09 GBP
beIN Sports
Flag NGANigeria
105,000.00 NGN51.72 GBP
Flag KORSouth Korea
86,900.00 KRW51.71 GBP
Flag AREUnited Arab Emirates
240.00 AED51.63 GBP
beIN Sports
Flag MEXMexico
790.00 MXN36.48 GBP
Pluto TV
Flag TURTurkey
1393.00 TRY35.43 GBP
Flag UKRUkraine
1090.00 UAH22.36 GBP
Setanta Sports
Flag HUNHungary
4,990.00 HUF11.03 GBP
Spiler TV
Flag INDIndia
899.00 INR8.57 GBP
Star Sports
Flag ARGArgentina
8,800.00 ARS8.29 GBP
Flag COLColombia
34900.00 COP7.01 GBP

It is important to bear in mind that this is not a definitive list of all the countries in the world which air coverage of the Premier League, and that there are likely countries in the world where one could pay less or more to watch the Premier League than those listed here. It is a list of 35 noteworthy football-loving nations and the prices their citizens must pay to watch the Premier League. It takes into account the cheapest possible TV or live streaming options in each country which a fan can use to watch as many Premier League games as possible during the 2023/24 season.

This list provides the annual cost of gaining access to as many Premier League matches as possible in a given market. In some cases, it isn't possible to access every single Premier League match of the season. Ironically, this is the case in the UK, where the 3pm blackout restricts fans from legally watching hundreds of matches per season. However, in the majority of countries, fans can pay to get all 380 matches of the season and choose which ones they want to enjoy each weekend.

The prices displayed in the index also represent the absolute cheapest possible approach to getting the most games. In the case of some rights holders, a monthly subscription to a single live streaming platform is the cheapest way. In others, a fan must pay for as many as three different broadcasters to cover all of the different matches available. Fans living in countries where the rights space is dominated by big pay-TV broadcasters like Sky, beIN and Canal+ tend to get a rough deal, while those fortunate enough to live in places where the rights are owned by streamers like Viaplay, Star+ and other monthly subscription, OTT only platforms usually enjoy much more competitive prices.

Some broadcasters, which hold exclusive rights to the Premier League, require the consumer to sign a 12 month or 24 month contract to sign up, while others - especially streamers - can often be cancelled anytime, meaning a fan only needs to pay for the 10 month Premier League season and then cancel their membership during the summer off-season to save money. However, it sometimes works out cheaper to sign a one-year contract than pay monthly for 10 months and cancel.

After determining the absolute cheapest route to take, involving the fewest subscriptions possible, to gain access to the maximum number of games possible in all 35 countries, our team did the calculations to come up with a per-season figure for watching the Premier League in each place. Prices are listed in their original currencies and those prices are then automatically converted into GBP (British Pounds) for comparison purposes, taking into account currency exchange rates, which are updated daily.

Here's what we found.

It will likely cause no surprise but much consternation among British football fans to learn that the UK is the most expensive place to access every available Premier League match of the season, which due to the 3pm blackout is not even every match played. To do so in the absolute cheapest way possible, a fan must get a NOW monthly sports pass to access the Sky Sports matches at a lower price, a TNT Sports monthly pass and also Amazon Prime Video, for the two months of the year in which they air Premier League matches. When the three subscriptions are added together, it's a huge cost, but there are currently no other deals which bring the three together at a cheaper price. Those few who have not yet used their Amazon free trial can shave off a little this way. However, regardless of whether a person is or isn't eligible for a free Amazon Prime trial, the annual cost of watching as many Premier League matches as possible in the UK is simply staggering. The alternative to the two monthly passes would be to sign up to an expensive bundle including internet, and that would cost more than getting the three separate subscriptions. Ironically, British fans pay almost double what American fans, for example, do to get access to less than half the matches.

Following in the UK's foosteps are Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and France who are all paying very high fees per year to follow the Premier League, unsurprisingly given the high salaries in those countries relative to some of the others on this list.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is nowhere cheaper to watch the Premier League than in India. The cost of following an entire season of Premier League football in India is less than £10 or around 95% less than it is in the United Kingdom. These numbers can fluctuate depending on exchange rates but generally India is a very good place to watch the Premier League price wise.

Other countries where salaries are typically lower on average, like Nigeria and South Africa, are not always blessed with the same low prices, with some surprisingly costly options available, compared to those in places like Hungary, where average salaries and disposable income is arguably higher.

There are some rather shocking bargains out there. For access to the Premier League in the football-mad Netherlands, an extremely wealthy country, to cost around 80% less than in the UK, give or take a few percentiles depending on the exchange rate on any given day, definitely left our analysts in shock. Of course, the Premier League is not the Dutch domestic league and not everyone will be automatically as interested in it as they might be the Dutch Eredivisie, but that price with Viaplay is very, very reasonable, and actually three times less than what the neighbouring French have to fork out to catch every game on Canal+. Another example of a standalone OTT platform providing better value for money than an old-money linear broadcaster.

Canada and Australia also have surprisingly cheap offers for their Premier League fans. The game, and the league, is still developing in popularity in these markets, hence the relatively low prices, but these figures are still very, very encouraging for football fans in The Great White North or Down Under. Economically prosperous countries with prices similar to those paid in Nigeria and South Africa was a big surprise.

The Premier League Price Index is full of fascinating nuances and stories which might surprise you. If you found this interesting, check out our La Liga Price Index and Bundesliga Price Index.

If you have any doubts or questions, please let us know. We are happy to change anything we may have got wrong, add your country to the list. We want to grow this list year-on-year and it will constantly be evolving. It's not a finished product, but an evolving resource. We encourage our users to contribute to it and support its growth.

Most importantly, if you found the Premier League Price Index useful or interesting, please share it far and wide.