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OneFootball introduce in-app marketplace

Published: Updated: 06:41, 7 Jun 2024
OneFootball looking to explore football merchandising and streaming market

Digital soccer platform, OneFootball, is set to revolutionize the sports industry by launching an in-app marketplace. This move aims to drive additional revenue from new services while offering a seamless experience for sports fans and bettors worldwide.

OneFootball has entered into a strategic partnership with Stadion to add e-commerce capabilities to its digital soccer platform. The native in-app marketplace is confirmed to go live this summer, marking a significant milestone in the digital transformation of the sports industry.

New offerings will include tickets and streaming passes

The new feature will allow fans to purchase official merchandise, tickets, streaming passes and even in-stadium refreshments directly from OneFootball’s network of 130 partner clubs like Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and many more worldwide. This means that users can now engage more deeply with their favorite teams without leaving the app.

Patrick Fischer, chief executive of OneFootball said:

“Our fans and community are at the centre of everything we do and now they can explore and purchase the items they want in just a couple of clicks. Stadion and OneFootball also share the vision of helping their partners generate more direct revenue. It’s increasingly important to optimise all digital channels to that aim, and this partnership delivers just that.

“With Stadion, we are offering brands, clubs and retailers the ability to sell their merchandise and other goods directly to the largest community of digital football fans. In the future, we see this extending to all club and league products, making the fan experience better and benefiting the clubs they love – so there is no limitation to become the one-stop-shop for a fan. Our strategy is to be the world’s biggest marketplace for football products, matching our position as the world’s biggest destination for football content.”

In an effort to enhance user experience and boost sales conversion rates, users will receive AI-powered personalized recommendations based on their preferences and behavior patterns. This innovative approach ensures that each user gets a unique shopping experience tailored specifically for them. The technological prowess behind this ambitious project comes from Stadion’s OneBasket platform which will provide the necessary infrastructure for smooth operation of the marketplace.

The All-In-One platform vision

OneFootball is among several streaming services striving towards becoming genuine all-in-one platforms by incorporating additional features such as gaming, betting and e-commerce capabilities around live and on-demand video content. By doing so, they aim not only at enhancing user engagement but also at diversifying their revenue streams.

Russell Stopford, chief executive of Stadion, said:

“Having worked with leading [Uefa] Champions League clubs, we’ve simplified direct fan-to-club transactions. OneBasket is up and running, able to process ticketing, retail merchandise e-commerce, in-stadium [food and beverage], content subscriptions, and online hospitality sales. We are thrilled to deploy this ground-breaking technology with OneFootball to bring the world’s first global football marketplace to fans.”

The launch of this marketplace represents a crucial step in OneFootball's revival plan following financial struggles caused by overinvestment in rights acquisition and Web 3.0 projects. By leveraging the power of e-commerce, OneFootball aims to regain its financial stability and continue providing top-notch services to sports fans and bettors around the globe.

This innovative move by OneFootball is set to redefine how sports fans interact with biggest football teams and names. It's a win-win situation for both the company and its users as it combines entertainment, shopping, and betting in one platform while driving additional revenue for the company.

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