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CBS Sports pundits forced to evacuate studio during Europa League coverage

Viewers were taken by surprise as commentators left their stations during live matches from the UEL on Thursday

In an unexpected turn of events, CBS' Europa League viewers were left without commentary as pundits had to evacuate the studio midway through Thursday's games due to a fire alarm.

This incident led to a temporary halt in the coverage of the Europa League and Europa Conference League matches.

CBS Sports has been actively covering European soccer this season, including high-profile tournaments like the Champions League, Europa League, and the Europa Conference League.

However, their coverage on Thursday was abruptly interrupted when a fire alarm necessitated an evacuation of their commentary teams from the building. This meant that viewers were deprived of their beloved Golazo Show for over 20 minutes.

Despite this unforeseen hiccup, the crew demonstrated commendable resilience by moving their set outdoors in cold weather conditions.

They continued providing updates using microphones and cell phones for viewing purposes. Nico Cantor, lead host of CBS' Golazo Show took it upon himself to inform fans about this incident via social media posts.

Not the first hiccup during live coverage on CBS Golazo

Interestingly enough, this is not an isolated case where CBS' GOLAZO Show faced interruptions while presenting European soccer matches.

In May last year during last season's Champions League match between Real Madrid and Manchester City, the US broadcaster cut away from live action in favour of Donald Trump coverage.

Such instances are rare for CBS which offers live sports programming as part of its TV schedule, but they do occur occasionally, proving that even major broadcasters can face unpredictable challenges during live broadcasts.

CBS Sports big into soccer in the United States

CBS reportedly paid $250 million (£198m) to obtain the exclusive rights to Champions League matches. It also spent a considerable sum hiring renowned television personalities such as Kate Abdo, Jamie Carragher, Thierry Henry, and Micah Richards to present and analyze the action.

However, during Thursday's incident, Nico Cantor was joined by ex-USMNT star Charlie Davies and US soccer analyst Chris Wittyngham.

CBS is expected to resume its coverage of European soccer in less than two weeks' time, hopefully without any further interruptions. In the meantime, they will continue their weekly coverage of Serie A and South American soccer.

This incident serves as a reminder that even with the meticulous planning involved in live sports broadcasting, unpredictable situations can arise, causing temporary disruptions.

However, it also highlights the resilience and adaptability of broadcasters like CBS who manage to keep their viewers informed despite facing such challenges.

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