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Manchester City star reveals his future transfer plans

Published: Updated: 05:18, 19 Mar 2024
Bernardo Silva wants to return to Benfica before retirement

Manchester City's star player, Bernardo Silva, has been making headlines recently not only for his impressive performance on the field but also for his future career plans. The Portuguese international has confirmed that he intends to return to Benfica before the end of his career.

Silva is currently in his seventh year with Manchester City and continues to be a key player under Pep Guardiola's management. His recent performance against Newcastle in the FA Cup quarter-finals was nothing short of spectacular, scoring twice and helping set up a semi-final tie against Chelsea.

During his tenure at Manchester City, Silva has won five Premier League titles and contributed significantly to their treble win last year. Despite being only 29 years old, he is already contemplating the next step in his illustrious career.

Benfica started everything for Silva in his journey

Silva's football journey began in Portugal where he rose through the ranks from Benfica academy to become a first-team star. After winning the domestic treble with them in 2014, he moved on to Monaco before eventually landing at Manchester City.

Bernardo Silva, Manchester City player, said:

"Is it a long time before I return? I think people are a little tired of that question. There's already more time left. I'm sure I'll be back, I don't know when,"

"It's difficult to time it and say if it's in two, three, if it's for the year with Roger Schmidt [laughs]. But I've said it several times and I think people get tired of hearing it: without a doubt it's a career and life goal to return to Benfica.

"Get me into something difficult position. On the one hand, he asks me to return to Benfica and on the other he asks me to say bad things about Benfica's coach. Imagine that I come back next year and he is my coach? It can't be [laughs]."

The Manchester City star has many years left in tank

However, it seems that Silva's heart still lies with Benfica as he expressed a keen desire to return there before hanging up his boots. This announcement will undoubtedly excite fans of Benfica who remember him fondly from their triumphant 2014 season.

While Bernardo Silva continues to shine brightly for cityzens today, it appears that part of him is already looking towards fulfilling what he describes as both a "career and life goal" - returning home to play once again for Benfica. As sports fans or sports betting enthusiasts alike watch this space closely; one thing remains certain - wherever Silva goes next in his career journey will be worth watching.

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