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Netflix unveil LaLiga docuseries trailer

Published: Updated: 15:12, 28 May 2024
The upcoming series based on Spanish first division will go floors on 19th July

Netflix, the global streaming giant, has recently revealed the trailer for its much-anticipated docuseries, "LaLiga: All Access". The series is set to be available for streaming from 19th July and promises to offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the top Spanish football league during its 2023/24 season.

Produced by Morena Films, a renowned production company known for delivering high-quality content, "LaLiga: All Access" is expected to provide viewers with an immersive experience into the world of Spanish football. The series will delve deep into various storylines that marked this particular season.

Álvaro Díaz, director of non-fiction at Netflix Spain said: 

“Netflix is excited to show the world the stories of the sport and its protagonists as they have never been seen before. Spanish football is a world reference and thanks to the unprecedented and exclusive access to LALIGA we have an incredible opportunity to entertain long-time fans and reach new viewers.”

Girona's surprise title chase and El Classico on focus

One of the key highlights of this docuseries includes first-hand access to Girona’s surprise title challenge. This unexpected turn of events in La Liga's competitive landscape will surely keep sports fans on edge.

In addition to team dynamics, "LaLiga: All Access" also focuses on individual players such as Ivan Rakitic and Iker Munian who left Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao respectively. These significant player transfers are bound to add another layer of intrigue and drama to the series.

Jorge de la Vega, executive general manager of LaLiga, said:

“LaLiga is entertainment, drama, competitiveness… and all these feelings will be shown in this docuseries that we are so proud of. Thanks to this Netflix and Morena Films production, all LaLiga fans around the world will be able to enjoy the intra-histories of the teams and experience from the inside how a season full of surprises and emotions unfolds. And it will also serve as a showcase for the culture and diversity of our country, thus encouraging the international promotion of Spain.”

The docuseries also features several iconic derbies including El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona - one of the most watched sporting events worldwide. This inclusion will undoubtedly attract both hardcore football fans as well as casual viewers who enjoy witnessing intense rivalries unfold on screen.

LaLiga going F1 way

"LaLiga: All Access" follows in line with other successful behind-the-scenes sports docuseries from Netflix such as "F1: Drive To Survive" and "Break Point". Tom Inskip, head of sport & fitness at the PHA Group, recently wrote an article highlighting why "F1: Drive To Survive" was much more successful than "Break Point".

Alex Martínez Roig, executive producer at Morena Films, said:

“I am very satisfied with this project. It is the first time that one of the major world football leagues has dared to tackle a series like this. And Netflix is going to be the best showcase to enjoy this journey behind the scenes of Spanish football. You will see the diversity and strength of LaLiga; the enormous bond between fans and their clubs; the pressure experienced by footballers and coaches beyond the matches.

“We wanted to humanize the athletes, talk to them about issues such as mental health, ageism, resurgence from failure, commitment to colors and a city. It has been a challenging, very enriching experience, impossible to carry out without the talent of the Morena team, the great complicity of all the clubs, and the involvement and trust of LaLiga itself.”

Netflix's latest venture into sports docuseries with "LaLiga: All Access" is expected to replicate the success of its predecessors by offering a unique blend of entertainment and in-depth coverage of Spanish football.

Netflix's upcoming docuseries promises to be a must-watch for sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike. It offers an exclusive look into the world of La Liga, showcasing both team dynamics and individual player journeys. With its release date set for 19th July, viewers can expect a captivating series that combines drama, excitement and passion for football.

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