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LFP launches tender for international media rights

The tender covers both Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, in addition to the Trophée des Champions

The Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), the governing body of the top-tier football leagues in France, has announced a tender for the international media rights to the country's top two divisions. The tender also includes the rights to the annual Trophée des Champions. The rights will cover either three or five seasons, aligning with the LFP's recently released domestic five-year rights tender.

The LFP has been granted permission by the French government to extend contracts from four to five seasons earlier this year. This new cycle length is reflected in the current tender, which offers rights for the 2024-25 to 2026-27 seasons or 2024-25 to 2028-29. The latter matches the LFP's recently released domestic five-year rights tender.

The rights tender covers the top-tier Ligue 1 and second-tier Ligue 2, as well as the Trophée des Champions. The Trophée des Champions is an annual match between the Ligue 1 champions and the winners of the Coupe de France domestic competition. This inclusion ensures that the rights holder will have access to some of the most exciting and competitive football matches in France.

Call for offers from broadcasters and agencies

Interested broadcasters and agencies are invited to submit offers for global, regional or country-specific rights over three and five seasons. The documents for the tender should be sent to mediarights@lfpmedia.fr by 3pm CEST on November 2.

The inclusion of global offers opens the potential for another ‘all-in’ agency rights deal. This comes despite Italy’s top-tier, Serie A, moving away from that model. This move by the LFP could potentially attract a wider range of broadcasters and agencies, thereby increasing the reach and visibility of French football.

The LFP's launch of the tender for international media rights is a significant step in promoting French football to a global audience. The extended contract length, coverage of top-tier leagues and the annual championship, and the invitation for global offers all contribute to making French football more accessible and appealing to international viewers.

This move is expected to attract a wide range of broadcasters and agencies, thereby boosting the visibility and popularity of French football.

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