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Globo secure broadcast rights for Brazilian football’s Libra group till 2029

Published: Updated: 15:18, 11 Mar 2024
Globo have emerged as biggest player in Brazil's football broadcasting scene

The Brazilian broadcasting giant, Globo, has successfully secured the rights to home games of nine teams from Brazil's top-tier Serie A soccer league. This deal will span from 2025 until the end of the 2029 campaign.

Globo is set to pay R$1.17 billion annually between these nine teams. The agreement covers exclusive rights across free-to-air, pay-TV, and streaming platforms for Serie A clubs Flamengo, Palmeiras, São Paulo, Santos, Atlético-MG, Grêmio, Vitória, Bahia and Red Bull Bragantino.

These sides were part of the original Libra bloc formed in May 2022 with an aim to strike a new broadcast rights deal starting next year. This new arrangement comes as the current all-encompassing broadcast rights deal for Serie A action (involving all teams) is set to expire at the end of this year's ongoing campaign.

Globo hold rights for most of the clubs in Serie A

Apart from these nine clubs mentioned above who are now under Globo's umbrella for their home games' broadcasts; most other Serie A sides (11) currently form another group known as LFU – Libra Football Union. Both Libra and LFU were formed around the same time but with different ideas on how best to negotiate future broadcast rights deals for Brazilian soccer beyond this year.

One heavyweight team still considering its options is Corinthians which has received offers from both groups - Libra and LFU.

Silvio Mattos, Libra chief executive, said: 

“We talked to absolutely all the different market players and media groups. We understand that the content distribution model of the Brazilian Championship will evolve and we will have new platforms participating in this arena.

“Globo is not only the best partner, it is also the company that best knows Brazilian football. Inside and outside. From clubs to audiences. Globo has a cultural and historical symbiosis with Brazilian football and, together with Libra, will increasingly contribute to this process.”

The fee has taken big jump of R$1.3 billion compared to previous deals

It has been reported that if Corinthians matches sign up with Libra group under Globo’s contract then it would result in an increase in Globo’s fee up to R$1.3 billion annually or R$6.5 billion over five seasons.

This partnership between Globo and Brazil's Serie A soccer league teams is a significant development in the sports broadcasting landscape. It not only ensures fans have access to their favorite teams' home games across multiple platforms but also sets a precedent for future broadcast rights negotiations.

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