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EFL partner with Pitch and Relevent for international media rights

Published: Updated: 14:48, 6 Mar 2024
For the first time ever, EFL have onboarded two distribution partners

The English Football League (EFL) has announced a significant renewal of its partnership with Pitch International, while also bringing on board Relevent sports marketing agency as an international rights partner. This move marks the first time the EFL has taken on two partners simultaneously.

Both agencies will play a crucial role in the international media rights distribution and sales process for the next four years of second-tier English Football League (EFL). The cycle is set to commence from 2024-25 season and will run through 2027-28.

The EFL has confirmed that these partnerships entail record guaranteed international rights fees, which were secured after comprehensive tender processes initiated in October. The aim was to assess how to provide additional strategic value in key markets.

Relevent have finally entered the English football market

This deal represents a significant milestone for US-based Relevent, as it has managed to secure a share of rights previously held exclusively by Pitch during the 2018-24 cycle.

Relevent's new tie-up with the 72-club EFL involves snapping up distribution rights for three-tier EFL across North, Central, and South America. The duo aims to build member clubs’ profile in this key region via a dedicated marketing partnership.

Boris Gartner, Relevent Sports’ president, said:

“As the EFL’s popularity continues to grow globally, we are thrilled to be partnering on this landmark rights agreement for the distribution of international football in the Americas. We are confident that Relevent’s expertise in co-investing with our partners will deliver a fantastic viewing experience and will drive new fans to the EFL.”

EFL and Pitch have shared long relationship for more than a decade

Pitch International continues its long-standing relationship with the EFL that spans over 15 years by distributing EFL action across Europe, Middle East, North Africa (MENA), as well as other global regions. Their last agreement was signed back in June 2022.

Both deals cover media rights not only for second-tier Championship but also third-tier League One and fourth-tier League Two matches running through till 2027-28 season. They extend further to include coverage for knockout cup competitions held by EFL and the end-of-season playoffs.

Pitch, through this deal, will distribute "155 Championship matches, 38 League One and Two matches, all Play-Off matches, all Carabao Cup matches and three Bristol Street Motor Trophy matches," along with a comprehensive betting rights package. On the other hand, Relevent now has the ability to sell rights to all EFL regular season league games, playoff fixtures, Carabao Cup games and three Bristol Street Motors Trophy matches.

This partnership is set to bring about a new era of international media coverage for EFL while providing sports fans across the globe with more access to their favorite football action.

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