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Coppa Italia broadcasting rights under discussion

The current domestic rights deal will conclude at the end of the 2023-24 season

As the Coppa Italia gears up for its return to the field, with the round of 32 set to kick off on Tuesday, October 31, a crucial meeting has been scheduled by Lega Serie A. The meeting's agenda includes a discussion on the private negotiations concerning the broadcasting rights for the Coppa Italia and the Italian Super Cup for the 2024-27 rights cycle.

The current season marks the end of the three-year period (2021-24) assigned to Mediaset, the Cologno Monzese television network. Mediaset paid the League a hefty sum of €48 million per season for these rights.

New tender, new expectations

In the latest tender, the minimum amount for each edition of the Coppa Italia, plus the Super Cup, was set at €62 million. This year, the Super Cup introduces the "Final Four" format, which is expected to increase the visibility and value of the competition. However, this rating was deemed too high by the two broadcasters in the running, Mediaset and Rai.

On July 13, both broadcasters submitted their bids for the tender. However, the league considered these proposals too low, prompting the initiation of private negotiations.

Crucial decisions to be made

The league's meeting will delve into this issue and will have to decide which of the two broadcasters to assign the rights to. However, further discussions may be necessary if the new offers do not meet the clubs' expectations.

Despite ongoing rumours, the Coppa Italia format is not expected to change any time soon. However, the league always reserves the right to alter the format if necessary.

The return of the Coppa Italia brings with it not only the excitement of the matches but also the intrigue of broadcasting rights negotiations. As sports fans and sports betting fans eagerly await the kick-off, the broadcasting rights for the next three years hang in the balance.

The meeting could be a game-changer, setting the stage for the future of Coppa Italia and Super Cup broadcasts.

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