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Virgin Media drops TNT Sports from its TV bundles

Published: Updated: 13:14, 18 Sep 2023
Fans will now have to pay additional charge to watch TNT Sports

As one of the leading players in the UK's TV and broadband markets, Virgin Media claims to have taken the decision to divest TNT Sports from its maximum package, a move that has shocked many people.

Fans who have always paid for a basic package and have had access to Sky Sports and TNT Sports and many more would now have to pay extra to watch their favorite player play.

Prior to the launch of this package, TNT Sports was included in the "Maxit" bundle as well as many other packages, but now fans will have to pay an additional charge - currently £18/month in order to watch TNT Sports.

This news has caused great disappointment among the fans who are used to watching all their favorite channels for a basic fee of £29.99, which has now been altered since this recent change. 

Virgin Media says these changes will simplify its broadband and television services

For subscribers who already have a subscription, the deal remains the same until they run out of credits. Meanwhile, new subscribers will have no choice but to purchase an add-on in order to continue watching TNT Sports. Their current monthly deposit will be increased by nearly £18/month in order to watch TNT Sports.

A spokesperson for Virgin Media said:

“We are simplifying our broadband and TV packages to make it easier for customers to find a great-value plan that suits their needs."

“Existing customers will not see their package change as a result of these bundle updates unless they make a change to their services and agree a new deal with us.

“Should existing customers want to alter their package, we’re happy to review their options to ensure they can enjoy a great-value plan that suits their needs.”

TNT Sports is still available via bundles from other providers, or can be accessed via live streaming on a Monthly Pass online. Sports fans in the UK can still access all of the elite sport on TNT's books.

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