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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang makes shocking revelation on Mikel Arteta

Aubameyang unfolded all episodes of his clash with Mikel Arteta

Former Arsenal captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has recently opened up about his controversial exit from the club. The Gabon international shared insights into his fallout with coach Mikel Arteta that led to an acrimonious departure.

Aubameyang revealed that Arteta accused him of 'putting a knife in his back' as their relationship soured towards the end of his tenure at Emirates. This accusation came after Aubameyang had been stripped of the captain's armband and was eventually ousted from the club during the 2022 winter transfer window.

The incident leading to the departure

The striker found himself on thin ice after returning late from a pre-arranged trip. He explained that he had sought permission to leave for personal reasons during a challenging period for both him and Arsenal.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Former Arsenal captain, said:

"It was during the Covid period and we were playing, I think, Everton. My season wasn’t great, we were struggling in the league and the day before the coach told us: ‘Look, it doesn’t matter if we win or not, you have a day off. But if you want to leave, you notify yourself before the match because you have to follow the health safety rules.’

"My mother a few months before had a stroke, it was going to be Christmas time so I went to see the coach and I said to him: ‘Coach, I’m coming to see you because I’d like to leave, I’m going to go pick up my mother to bring her back for the holidays.’ He tells me no problem."

However, upon returning he faced delays due to Covid protocols which resulted in him missing training sessions and Premier League matches at Arsenal. This sparked an outburst from Arteta which marked an irreversible breakdown in their relationship.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang added:

"I arrive, the coach finishes his meeting and then he grabs me and he completely tears into me, he shouts at me like I’m crazy, he says: ‘You put a knife in my back. You can’t do that to me given the times we’re going through.’

"At that moment I tell myself that I’m not going to answer him because it’s going to end angrily. I didn’t go partying. He knows very well the reason for my departure so at that moment I don’t understand why he is lecturing me like this. I go home and the doctor calls me and says ‘Tomorrow, the coach doesn’t want you to be there'."

The end of Aubameyang’s story at Emirates

Following this incident, Aubameyang was left out of squad selection for several matches including one in the Southampton fixture in December 2021. When questioned by reporters over this omission, Arteta remained tight-lipped but it soon became clear that Aubameyang's career at Emirates was drawing its curtains.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang added:

"The days pass and the doctor tells me: ‘Look, he doesn’t want you to be with the group anymore, but you will be able to come and train but separately.’

"I say to myself OK… And then afterwards, he calls me and we have a meeting so he can explain to me that one, he’s taking away the captain’s armband, and two, I’m not training any more with the group."

Three days later he lost his captaincy and by February 1, his contract was mutually terminated. This termination came at a hefty price for Arsenal as they had to pay Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a lump sum of £7 million.

While Aubameyang's exit from Arsenal was fraught with controversy and acrimony, it seems that both he and the club have managed to turn things around. As sports fans or sports betting enthusiasts watch these developments unfold, they can appreciate how personal conflicts can shape professional trajectories in unpredictable ways.

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