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Jermain Defoe’s documentary to release in February

Published: Updated: 15:48, 26 Jan 2024
The Former English striker is one of most underrated players of EPL

The world of sports and cinema is set to collide in a unique one-night event. Zig Zag Productions has announced the launch date for their highly anticipated documentary film, "Defoe". The film, which delves into the life and career of former England striker Jermain Defoe, will be showcased in theatres for one night only on 29th February.

James Ross, renowned for his insightful direction, helms this project. Produced by Zig Zag Productions with CEO Danny Fenton serving as executive producer, the film promises an intimate look at Defoe’s life both on and off the field.

Defoe director, James Ross said:

“As a Spurs fan, working with a legend like Jermain was a dream come true. But though I knew his goals on the pitch, I never expected that by asking him to trace his roots and his career, it would reveal such a complex tale of love, loss, trauma and redemption off the pitch.”

Jermain Defoe’s life has been filled with tragic incidents

The documentary does not shy away from exploring some of the most challenging moments in Defoe's personal life including significant events such as the murder of his half-brother in 2009, death of his father on the eve of a Euro match in 2012 and sudden death of his 20-year-old cousin just a few months later. Moreover, it also highlights his well-known relationship with Bradley Lowery who passed away tragically young.

"Defoe" offers exclusive access to those who know him best including insights from former managers Harry Redknapp and Gus Poyet; ex-teammates Peter Crouch and Joe Cole; family members of Bradley Lowery; among others.

These perspectives provide a comprehensive view into Defoe's professional journey as well as personal trials and triumphs.

Plans for the theatrical release are yet to be confirmed

While fans eagerly await this cinematic experience, plans for the film beyond its theatrical release are yet to be confirmed. Distributed by Kaleidoscope Entertainment there is much anticipation surrounding potential future platforms or formats for this documentary.

Zig Zag Productions CEO, Danny Fenton, said:

“Telling Jermain’s story has been an absolute privilege. The film is a raw and honest account of a man with an undisputed talent who has managed to shine on the field while dealing with unbelievable heartache and pain. As Jermain says, ‘there is more to life than kicking a ball’.”

"Defoe" promises to be a compelling exploration into life and career of former Tottenham Hotspur striker and one England's most celebrated footballers. For sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike this one-night event offers an exclusive look into Defoe’s journey making it a must-see cinematic experience.

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