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ICC to introduce vertical video production at 2023 Men's Cricket World Cup

World governing body signs agreement with streaming platform Disney Star to produce new vertical video

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is set to revolutionize the way cricket fans consume content. In a groundbreaking move, the ICC has announced its collaboration with Disney Star to introduce a vertical video feed for all 48 games at the upcoming 2023 Men's Cricket World Cup.

This innovative approach is aimed at catering to the evolving preferences of Gen Z fans who are accustomed to consuming content via platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

The vertical video feed, a first in cricket history, is expected to provide fans with greater access to the tournament. This additional feed will show all 48 games in the vertical format, marking a significant shift from the traditional horizontal video feeds. The World Cup, which begins in India on 5th October, will be the first time that the vertical feed will be available for fans to access.

Disney Star Head of Sports, Sanjog Gupta, said:

“The vertical feed aims to deliver to digital users, enhanced convenience, engagement and immersion, beyond the differentiated screen orientation.”

“With its uniquely designed production style entailing cameras, graphics, direction, replays and other enhancements, it promises to change the way cricket is watched.”

Enhanced coverage with split-screens

One of the key features of the vertical feed is the addition of split-screens in its coverage. This will be achieved by using dedicated vertically oriented cameras, as well as the world feed cameras for split screens. This feature will allow viewers to follow multiple aspects of the game simultaneously, enhancing their viewing experience.

The vertical video production will also feature match graphics and bespoke production enhancements tailored to fit the vertical format.

This includes key features such as ball and player tracking, which will be adapted to the new format. The feed will also utilize traditional technical and editorial storytelling tools, ensuring that the essence of the game is not lost in the new format.

Catering to a Gen Z audience

The introduction of vertical video feeds is a strategic move by the ICC to cater to the preferences of Gen Z fans. These fans are used to consuming content in a vertical format on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

By becoming the first cricket property to produce a vertical feed, the ICC is not only keeping up with the changing trends but also setting new standards in sports broadcasting.

The introduction of vertical video production at the 2023 Men's Cricket World Cup is a significant step towards enhancing the viewing experience for cricket fans worldwide. This innovative approach, coupled with the use of traditional storytelling tools, promises to make the tournament more accessible and engaging for fans, especially the Gen Z audience.

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