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DirecTV retains NFL Sunday Ticket games rights for bars and restaurants

DirecTV has signed a multi-year deal with NFL commencing from 2023 season

The NFL has signed a new contract with DirecTV for broadcast rights for Sunday Ticket games to be shown in commercial establishments in the US, such as sports bars, casinos, restaurants, and offices.

In the new agreement, AT&T Inc DirecTV will partner with RedBird Capital-backed EverPass Media, a joint venture of RedBird Capital and the NFL, beginning from the upcoming 2023 NFL season. 

With more than 300,000 commercial locations across the US under DirecTV, They have been one of the biggest players in the commercial market. They will distribute the Sunday Ticket games to more than 300,000 of those locations. The terms of the deal are yet to be announced.

EverPass CEO Alex Kaplan made the announcement saying:

“EverPass is creating a platform for commercial businesses that allows for seamless access to must-have live sports and entertainment content. We are pleased to partner with DirecTV for Business in this multiyear agreement to deliver NFL Sunday Ticket,”

NFL recently distributed Sunday Ticket games' residential rights to Google 

DirecTV has been the home of NFL Sunday Ticket since its introduction in 1994. However, the NFL last year announced that they will transition Sunday Ticket broadcasts for residential users through Google's YouTube TV.

The move by the NFL led to new competition in the market, as Google signed a seven-year contract worth $2.5 billion annually, which was $1 billion more than the deal DirecTV had with the NFL. 

Mile Wittrock, Chief Sales and Service Officer at DirecTV, was delighted by the news and said:

“DirecTV for Business delivers a market-leading, consistent and reliable sports viewing experience to fans in more than 300,000 bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments across the United States. We’re thrilled to partner with EverPass and continue carriage of NFL Sunday Ticket.”

Apart from NFL Sunday Ticket, DirecTV holds many big programs in their portfolio. They hold commercial rights for Major League Baseball’s “Friday Night Baseball” and Major League Soccer’s “MLS Season Pass” for Apple customers, as well as the NFL’s “Thursday Night Football,” via Amazon’s Prime Video.

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