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WSL land 'Record' Title Sponsor Deal with double figures

Barclays’ record renewal indicates changing scale of women football

The Women’s Super League (WSL) has secured a "record" title sponsor deal with Barclays, which extends beyond 2025. This agreement is set to double the value of the current contract, marking a significant milestone in women's football.

According to reports, Barclays will pay £9m per season under this new agreement. This figure is twice as much as the current deal's worth and signifies an important step towards making women's football sustainable and profitable in the long term.

A new company, referred to as 'Newco', is poised to take over WSL and Women’s Championship operations from the Football Association this summer. The primary objective of this transition is to ensure long-term sustainability and profitability for women's football.

Barclay’s commitment beyond sponsorship

In addition to providing financial support at a professional level, Barclays has also pledged its commitment towards developing grassroots women’s football in England. When announcing their sponsorship for the 2022-2025 seasons back in 2021, it was confirmed that they would invest up to £30m into grassroots projects across England.

This investment underscores Barclay's dedication not only towards professional leagues but also towards nurturing talent at a community level - thus ensuring a bright future for English women’s football.

Television rights still under the scanner for WSL

While there are positive developments regarding title sponsorship with ‘Newco’, challenges persist concerning television rights. Instead of securing a lucrative new deal for WSL, BBC and Sky have agreed only on extending their existing contract by one year.

The delay arises from ongoing negotiations between interested broadcasters and the league over these rights. Currently generating around £7m-£8m annually through its TV deals, “Newco” aims ambitiously high - hoping to double or even triple these figures to between £15m and £20m per year. Whether this goal is achievable remains uncertain.

The new title sponsorship deal with Barclays marks a significant step forward for the Women's Super League. It not only doubles the value of their previous agreement but also reaffirms Barclays' commitment to developing women's football at both professional and grassroots levels. However, challenges remain in securing a more profitable TV rights deal - an issue that will undoubtedly shape the future of women’s football in England.

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