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Who should commentate on upcoming EA Sports FC video game?

Published: Updated: 09:55, 20 Mar 2023

EA Sports FC will be the first game from Electronic Arts post-FIFA franchise

A football video game battle between EA Sports and FIFA is slated for 2023. FIFA and EA Sports are two names that have always been connected and have shared a bond for more than decades to form the FIFA video game franchise. Last year, however, they called it off, which was a big heartbreak for fans of this franchise.

The last edition of this franchise was FIFA 23 and now EA will be launching games under the EA Sports FC brand whereas FIFA is looking for a new company to continue the franchise. A number of features are expected to be included in the upcoming EA Sports FC, which is expected to continue its legacy.

According to rumours, EA plans to add exciting features, some of which have been kept under wraps so far to edge out FIFA. We are going to take a look at a few options for who might be able to do commentary on the upcoming EA Sports FC.

#5. Derek Rae and Stewart Robson

The last English commentators to appear on FIFA 23 are Derek Rae and Stewart Robson. Rae has been with the game since FIFA 19, while Robson joined the team from FIFA 22 edition. There is no major news if the duo will continue together in the EA Sports FC era as well. They are not as popular as other old pairs in FIFA, but they have a good chance of retaining the position.

#4. Martin Tyler and Gary Neville 

Having worked together on Sky Sports for years, Martin Tyler and Gary Neville could be a surprise for fans. The duo share a very catchy camaraderie that fans love. In addition to adding spice to their matches, Neville and Tyler would also fill the box of adding new content to EA Sports FC. In particular, Martin Tyler is already a popular face on EA's game, so this duo will also give it a unique flavour.

#3. Darren Fletcher and Jermaine Jenas

Darren Fletcher and Jermaine Jenas are the faces of BT Sport at the moment in their commentary panel. They both enjoy a large following in their debates and are realistic choices for EA Sports FC. For EA Sports FC, Fletcher and Jenas could also bring X-factor to the table since their clips often go viral on social media, which can bring old-school charm to the commentary table as with Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.

#2. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith

From the FIFA 12 edition up until FIFA 19, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith were the pioneers of the FIFA franchise, and there has been no one to match their popularity or charisma in video games. Their chemistry and inch-perfect timing were something to behold. The return of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith could be a masterstroke for EA Sports looking to entice their audience away from FIFA.

#1. Jim Beglin and Peter Dury

In the PES video games universe, Jim Beglin and Peter Dury are also OG's of football commentary. Despite the fact that the duo is unlikely to feature on EA Sports FC, there is no way to rule out anything. If EA onboards the duo, fans could be in for a real treat. Both hold a lot of popularity and could attract new audiences.

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