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Sergio Aguero reveals Chelsea rejected him before his Manchester City move

Published: Updated: 19:01, 8 May 2024
Aguero turned Premier League upside down after joining Cityzens in 2011

Premier League legend, Sergio Aguero, recently revealed that Chelsea had the opportunity to sign him before he became a Manchester City icon. This revelation has sparked interest among sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike.

In 2009, while still playing for Atletico Madrid, Aguero was approached by Chelsea with an offer to join their ranks. However, the Argentine striker chose to stay with his Spanish club for two more years before making a move to Manchester City.

Chelsea's interest in Aguero was piqued after their Champions League match against Atletico in November 2009. In this match, a young and promising Aguero scored twice resulting in a 2-2 draw. Despite the offer from Chelsea at that time, he did not consider it as he still had three years left on his contract with Atletico Madrid.

Sergio Aguero, former Man City striker, said:

"After that game, maybe two months after, my agent said to me: 'Chelsea are interested'. I had just three years at Atletico Madrid. I mean, I loved the Premier League, to play there, but Chelsea were never interested after. At first, yes, but then my agent said: 'Okay, maybe not'."

Aguero also revealed interesting conversation with Lampard

Aguero shared these insights during an interview on The Club YouTube channel. He also disclosed what Frank Lampard - Chelsea legend and then English midfielder who joined City in 2014 - told him about the missed opportunity.

Lampard reportedly expressed his desire for having the Argentine at Stamford Bridge during his tenure there. This further highlights how much of an asset Aguero could have been for Chelsea if they had managed to secure him back then.

Sergio Aguero added:

"I spoke about that with Frank Lampard because Frank Lampard played at Manchester City. He said when I played against him, he told the staff at Chelsea to sign Aguero."

Aguero preparing to return to action in June

The former Argentina international is now preparing himself for new challenges ahead as he confirmed his return to action this June at The Soccer Tournament where he might face teams like Borussia Dortmund and Wrexham.

At age 35, it will be interesting to see how this Premier League legend performs against these teams and whether or not he can continue showcasing the skills that made him one of football's most respected strikers.

While we can only speculate about what might have happened if Sergio Aguero had joined Chelsea, his impact on Manchester City and the Premier League as a whole is undeniable. His story serves as a reminder to sports fans and betting enthusiasts about the unpredictable nature of football transfers and their potential impact on team dynamics and performance.

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