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Recurring audio issues plague TNT Sport's Europa League coverage

Published: Updated: 18:11, 27 Oct 2023
More sound problems occurred during Liverpool's clash with Toulouse

Viewers of TNT Sport's coverage of the Europa League match between Liverpool and Toulouse were left astounded and frustrated by the recurrence of audio issues early in the game. The problems, which were also present during Tuesday's broadcast of Manchester United's win over Copenhagen, seemed to have persisted, causing a significant amount of displeasure among fans.

During the Manchester United game, a crackling noise could be heard at various points throughout the coverage. This issue was not an isolated incident, as it reappeared during Thursday's clash between Liverpool and Toulouse. Strange sounds could be heard for a few minutes in the first half, leaving many fans fuming.

The displeasure was evident as several fans took to social media to voice their complaints about the poor sound quality.

As for the action on the pitch, Liverpool thrashed Toulouse 5-1 at Anfield, meaning they find themselves five points clear at the summit of Group E with a 100% record after three matches.

Additional technical glitches

On Tuesday, the poor sound quality wasn't the only issue that marred the broadcast. Pundit Paul Scholes's microphone cut out during the build-up to the match, adding to the list of technical glitches that the broadcast team had to contend with. Despite the hiccup, presenter Laura Woods handled the situation well, maintaining her composure while Scholes humorously pretended to throw the faulty microphone away.

Despite the initial problems, the technical team managed to resolve the issues before the end of the first half during Thursday's game. This quick resolution provided some relief to the fans and allowed them to focus on the game rather than the broadcast's technical difficulties.

While the resolution of the audio issues was a welcome relief, the recurrence of such problems raises questions about the technical competence of the broadcast team. As football fans rely heavily on live broadcasts for their engagement and decision-making, it is crucial for broadcasters like TNT Sport to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

The recent incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of technical proficiency in live sports broadcasting, and fans will be hoping for a glitch-free experience in future games.

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