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Pep Guardiola comes out in support of referees amid Nottingham Forest controversy

Nottingham Forest recently publicly raised questions over referees' integrity

Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, has expressed his support for referees amidst the ongoing controversy involving Nottingham Forest. The club recently questioned the integrity of Premier League officials, sparking a heated debate in the football community.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City boss, said:

"They do their job as best as possible. When they do the job, they want to do it well. The game is so difficult. It is fast and quick. Decisions have to be made in one instant. It's not easy,"

"They feel the pressure, we put pressure on them for the passion of the game, for the moment. When I sit here and reflect they try to do their best and are under scrutiny with the cameras there,"

Guardiola stated that he "never had doubts" about the referees' integrity and believes they are doing their best on the field. This statement comes at a time when fans have been questioning whether Manchester City's UAE links could be influencing referee decisions to benefit their club.

Manchester City is owned by UAE Vice President Sheikh Mansour. It is noteworthy that a significant number of Premier League referees freelance in UAE and Saudi Arabia during off-seasons. Critics argue this connection could potentially lead to favourable calls for Manchester City during matches, leading to demands for PL to halt these freelancing gigs.

Nottingham Forest controversy has again sparked debate

The controversy began after Nottingham Forest issued a scathing statement following their Everton match on Sunday (Apr 21). According to Mark Clattenburg, their penalty consultant, Forest was denied three penalties which led them to lose 0-2 against Everton.

Forest now finds themselves just one point away from Luton Town who occupy the final relegation spot. They believe that VAR official Stuart Attwell - alleged by them as being a Luton fan - may have given incorrect instructions to the on-field referee leading up to their defeat. If this result stands, it could potentially see Forest relegated at season end.

Premier League condemned Forest’s open criticism

In response to these accusations levelled by Forest, Premier League issued a strongly-worded statement expressing disappointment with the actions of the club.

Premier League released statement:

“The Premier League was extremely disappointed to read the comments made by Nottingham Forest on social media yesterday, following its match against Everton, We note The FA has confirmed it will be investigating the club’s statement. It is never appropriate to improperly question the integrity of match officials, and the nature of these comments means the Premier League will also be investigating the matter in relation to the League’s Rules,”

While controversies like these are not new in sports betting circles or among sports fans generally speaking; they do bring into focus issues around transparency and fairness within professional football leagues such as PL. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how these allegations will impact the future of refereeing in football and whether any changes will be implemented to ensure impartiality.

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