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OFC and FIFA+ forge exclusive partnership to boost Oceania exposure

Published: Updated: 13:23, 28 Feb 2024
FIFA+ will now get exclusive access to all OFC competitions globally

The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), the governing body for soccer in the region, has entered into an exclusive partnership with FIFA+, the global governing body's free streaming service. This strategic alliance aims to enhance the exposure of Oceania soccer on a global scale.

The deal, which is set to run from 2024 to 2025, encompasses various aspects including OFC’s live streaming, data, and media rights. This agreement positions FIFA+ as the official exclusive global platform for all OFC competitions over the next two years. Consequently, sports fans worldwide will have access to all matches via global streaming.

In addition to providing live coverage of matches, FIFA+ will also spotlight various elements of Oceania football. The platform will feature content related to OFC tournaments, players' profiles and stories as part of this deal. This move not only promotes engagement among existing fans but also attracts new audiences by offering a deeper insight into what makes Oceania football unique.

Women’s Olympic Oceania Qualifiers will kickoff partnership

This partnership was inaugurated with coverage of the Women’s Olympic Football Qualifiers that took place from February 7th through February 19th in Samoa. The event marked a significant milestone in this collaboration by showcasing female athletes' prowess on an international stage.

OFC general secretary, Franck Castillo, said:

“In the last five years, OFC has gone to great lengths to grow football coverage across the Pacific and provide quality broadcast production standards to all fans. As a testament to these efforts, our social media following has increased by 110% and live streaming views by 200% since 2019. We have rallied media rights in the broadcast space and expanded our distribution from four regional TV broadcasters to 26.

“Now OFC is taking its strategy to the next level by providing live, easily accessible football to the world, making Oceania football global with FIFA+. This partnership with FIFA+ marks a new era for Oceania football. It’s a monumental step towards realizing our dreams and showcasing the talents of our region to a global audience. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration unlocks and the new horizons it opens for our players, teams, and fans.

“We have also expanded commercially through selling our live streaming, media, and data rights for the next two years – 2024 and 2025; this is a major step forward for us in the commercial space.”

Oceania’s fans will get a major boost with exclusive content

This partnership between OFC and FIFA+ represents a significant step forward in promoting Oceana soccer globally. It provides sports fans around the world unprecedented access to games while highlighting key players and events within this region's football scene.

For sports betting enthusiasts too it opens up new opportunities as they can now follow these games closely thanks to live-streaming. This partnership is a win-win for all parties involved, and it will be exciting to see how it shapes the future of Oceania football.

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