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Mohamed Salah reflects on relationship with Jurgen Klopp after recent spat

Published: Updated: 14:04, 19 May 2024
Despite recent rift, the Egyptian King still holds high regard for his manager

Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah, recently shared his thoughts about Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager. This comes after a touchline spat during a Premier League draw at West Ham. Despite the incident, Salah maintains high regard for Klopp as he prepares for his farewell game.

Salah has been instrumental in some of Klopp's most memorable moments during his tenure as Liverpool manager. The Egypt forward joined in the summer of 2017 and played a significant role in securing Premier League and Champions League titles for the team.

Salah remembers Klopp not just as a manager but also as someone he could always turn to in times of trouble. He stated that their relationship transcended beyond football into personal realms where they supported each other through thick and thin.

Salah revealed how Klopp convinced him to join Liverpool

Klopp will take charge of his final Liverpool game on Sunday against Wolves at Anfield. As this era comes to an end, many players past and present have shared their memories of the former Borussia Dortmund manager.

Despite an ugly moment between Salah and Klopp less than a month ago during Liverpool's 2-2 draw away in the West Ham match, it appears that this brief falling-out hasn't tainted Salah’s memories or respect for him.

Liverpool forward, Mohamed Salah, said:

"I think at first in the first call we had, the thing that stuck in my mind was him explaining to me he wanted me to come here, and he basically explained to me that he was building a new team at the club and Sadio [Mane] and Bobby [Firmino] are there and he wanted me to play in the side.

"My football, he said: 'I am going to improve your football and give you the freedom to do what you want.' And then I was like OK, I am going to come. I came and then the rest, you can see.

"We are here for seven or eight years together so there are too many moments [to choose] but I think winning the Premier League in that game, when Chelsea beat Man City and also winning the Champions League is a thing that sticks in my mind because there are too many emotions involved."

There is more to Salah and Klopp's relationship than football

In addition to sharing on-field memories with him, Salah had plenty more to say about who Jurgen is off the pitch. "I always look at this situation as a human being," said Salah while reflecting upon their relationship dynamics beyond football strategies and tactics.

Mohamed Salah added:

"He improved me as a player for sure and I helped him a lot as a manager for sure, we helped each other a lot and we gave everything to the club to win trophies, everyone can see that.

"But the thing I take from that as a human being, as a person, if I am in trouble I can speak to him and ask as a person. I think we will keep the communication for sure forever, for life. Because it is not just a relationship with work, we also take it outside and we are going to stay in contact forever."

This statement underscores how much respect he holds for Jurgen Klopp not just professionally but personally too – viewing him more than just a coach but also valuing him as an individual who has made significant contributions both on-field and off-field throughout his career with Liverpool FC.

Despite occasional disagreements, the bond between Salah and Klopp remains strong. As Klopp prepares to bid farewell to Liverpool FC, his legacy will be remembered not just for the titles he won but also for the relationships he built with players like Salah.

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