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Mediaset to provide Europa League coverage on FTA Channels in Spain

Aayush Yadav By Aayush Yadav, Staff Writer
Published: 04:35, 11 Mar 2023 Updated: 04:47, 11 Mar 2023

Movistar Plus+ has sublicensed its media rights to Mediaset for Europa League

The Italian television broadcast company Mediaset Espana has announced that they will provide the Europa League coverage on their free-to-view channels in Spain up until the 2023/24 season. 

It was announced recently by Mediaset that they would be working in partnership with Movistar Plus+, the exclusive media rights holder for the UEFA competitions in Spain, as part of their sublicensing agreement.

In 2020, Movistar Plus+ signed an exclusive media rights deal with UEFA for three years, estimated to be worth €360 million.

From now on, Mediaset will provide coverage of Europa League games on its free-to-air channels as well as through their OTT platform Mitele, after both networks recently announced that the channel would host the competition.

This agreement covers 20 matches in total, of which six matches will take place in the 2022/23 season and the remaining 14 will take place in the 2023/24 season respectively.

The first leg of AS Roma versus Real Sociedad was recently televised on Cuatro FTA Channel, marking the start of Mediaset's deal with Movistar Plus+.

Europa League isn't a small pond anymore

In the past, the UEFA Europa League has always been considered to be a second-tier competition to the UEFA Champions League, but in recent years, it has gradually evolved into a competition that can rival the Champions League on every level on every basis.

Eintracht Frankfurt's final against Rangers last year was watched by an average of 412,000 people in Spain on Movistar, even though there were no big names in the match.

The new deal between Mediaset and Movistar Plus+ will now bring a whole new chapter to the media industry in Spain. The Mediaset is now home to the FIFA Club World Cup, the French League (League 1), the Spanish Grand Prize Formula One, the EuroBasket National Tournament, and its latest addition has been the Europa League.

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