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Major changes to MLS 360 on MLS Season Pass for 2024

MLS new season is set to kick off from this Saturday on Apple TV

The 2024 Major League Soccer season is set to kick off in full swing on Saturday, February 24. A key highlight of the season will be the return of the whiparound show, MLS 360. Now entering its second year as a global streaming platform for Major League Soccer, Apple is committed to enhancing this crucial tool that covers each game live during simultaneous kickoffs.

In its inaugural year, MLS 360 revolutionized how fans engaged with league-wide action as it unfolded. It provided an avenue for fans to watch games even when their favorite teams were not playing. Despite some initial hiccups and hurdles - typical of any first-year venture - Apple has shown commitment towards improving upon this platform.

As per Taylor Twellman's discussion on Alexi Lalas’ podcast 'State of the Union', there will be significant changes in how MLS 360 operates in its second year. The focus will shift from dialogue between hosts and analysts towards more game action coverage.

This year’s coverage likely to feature more game-centric content

Twellman highlighted that fans can expect more goals, saves, and other highlights from around the grounds in Major League Soccer being broadcasted live. This change aims at providing a more immersive experience by allowing viewers to feel closer to the venues and capture emotions at different stadiums.

Drawing parallels with NFL RedZone program - a standard-bearer for whiparound shows in sports - Twellman pointed out potential challenges due to soccer's free-flowing nature compared with NFL's stop-and-go format. However, he also emphasized that there are lessons which can be applied from NFL RedZone’s success onto MLS 360.

For instance, Scott Hanson (NFL RedZone host) often sets up scenes without much commentary before letting commentators at different games cover moments as they unfold – an approach that could work well with MLS 360.

New changes will be available on the MLS Season Pass

The first glimpse of these changes to MLS 360 will be available to MLS Season Pass subscribers during the first batch of simultaneous kickoffs. The season starts midweek with Inter Miami vs Real Salt Lake clash. However, the real action begins on Saturday, February 24, with a whopping eleven games scheduled for the day.

As Apple continues its journey in global sports streaming with Major League Soccer, fans can look forward to an enhanced viewing experience that brings them closer to the game action than ever before. With more focus on live coverage and less dialogue between hosts and analysts, MLS 360 is set to become an even more integral part of every soccer fan's viewing experience in 2024.

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