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Los Angeles Wolves set to release documentary about defunct USA club

1967: When Wolves Conquered the USA will featured on-field action and behind-the-scenes footage

In the annals of American soccer history, the United Soccer Association (USA) holds a unique place. Formed in 1966, it was the first internationally recognized soccer league in the United States, predating Major League Soccer by three decades.

The league was born out of a rush to establish a professional soccer presence in the US, with rival leagues also on the horizon. Interestingly, the USA did not have any players of its own. Instead, officials invited entire foreign teams to participate in the league, creating a unique blend of international talent on American soil.

Fast-forward to today - a documentary about the defunct United Soccer Association and its most famous team, Los Angeles Wolves, is set to be released.

The Los Angeles Wolves: A team to remember

One of the most notable teams in the USA was the Los Angeles Wolves. The team was compiled with the help of the current Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers. The Wolves played their games at the historic Coliseum stadium and went on to win the USA title during the 1967 season, the league’s only campaign.

The Wolves' story was recently brought back to life by former player Phil Parkes, who was the goalkeeper for the American Wolves team. Parkes made over 300 appearances for the English club and his recollections of the L.A. club sparked interest in the forgotten chapter of American soccer history.

Russell Jones, a marketing manager at Wolves, said:

“The idea of the documentary came about following an interview Phil Parkes did for Wolves Radio.

“He talked about being part of a Wolves team that represented L.A. in 1967, and as Phil started to retell his experiences of the trip, it soon became evident how significant this was. Upon further research, we established that this was the very first professional soccer league, and we were eventually crowned champions.

“That tournament was the origins of what we see in U.S. soccer today, so for Wolverhampton Wanderers to have played such an integral part was incredibly exciting.”

1967: When Wolves Conquered the USA

The upcoming documentary, 1967: When Wolves Conquered the USA, delves into the fascinating story of the Los Angeles Wolves. The film is not just about the games and the title win. It also explores how the players, many of whom had never left England before, adapted to the Los Angeles lifestyle.

The players spent nine weeks in Hollywood, immersing themselves in the local scene while playing in the newly formed league. The documentary promises to offer a unique perspective on this short-lived but impactful chapter in American soccer history.

The documentary is set to be released to the general public in November. It is a production of Wolves Studios, the club’s own production company, in collaboration with Footballco, a media company that recently acquired the popular soccer magazine MUNDIAL. Details on how to watch the full documentary will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The United Soccer Association may have been short-lived, but its impact on American soccer is undeniable. The upcoming documentary, 1967: When Wolves Conquered the USA, promises to shed light on this forgotten chapter and the remarkable story of the Los Angeles Wolves.

For soccer fans in the United States, this documentary is a must-watch, offering a unique glimpse into the early days of professional soccer in the US.

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