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Lille and WSC Sports join hands for digital content partnership

Published: Updated: 13:50, 26 Feb 2024
WSC Sports will handle club’s digital content and match analysis

WSC Sports, the renowned Israel-based sports video content provider, has broadened its footprint in France by securing a new multi-year agreement with Ligue 1 soccer team, Lille. This partnership will leverage WSC Sports' artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video solution to analyze live matches and automatically generate and distribute content across the club's digital platforms.

The collaboration between WSC Sports and Lille is set to revolutionize how the club manages its digital content. By utilizing WSC Sports’ AI-powered technology, Lille can analyze their live matches in real-time. This innovative approach allows for automatic creation and distribution of match-related content across all of the club’s digital platforms.

This not only enhances fan engagement by providing immediate access to Lille match highlights but also streamlines the process of creating engaging sports content.

WSC will help Lille opening new revenue through streaming

Lille anticipates that this new partnership will enable it to maximize use of its digital intellectual property (IP). The ability to quickly create and distribute match-related content opens up opportunities for monetization through advertising or sponsored posts on these platforms.

Aurélien Delespierre, Lille director of marketing, communications, and ticketing, said:

“One of our main objectives is to be able to offer our fans even more content. This collaboration allows us to provide footage to our in-house production teams in real-time. Thanks to this speed of access, and the efficiency of automated processes, WSC Sports' technology enables us to meet the demand for immediacy on social networks, to optimize the value of our sporting performances and our deferred rights to French championship matches.

“Our partnership will thus help us develop our content and digital communities and, at the same time, generate additional opportunities for the club's partners to offer them new ways of interacting with the club's supporters.”

Moreover, this strategic move is expected to create new revenue streams for the club's digital inventory and assets. With more dynamic and timely content available, there are increased opportunities for sponsorship deals as well as direct monetization from fan engagement on these platforms.

WSC are expert in getting business done with leagues and clubs

With this deal, Lille joins an impressive list of WCS’ clients in France which includes commercial broadcaster TF1, streaming platform Skweek, pay-television broadcaster Canal Plus along with other notable names such as Paris Saint-Germain from Ligue 1 clubs; basketball's Ligue Nationale de Basket; and national lottery operator Française de Jeux.

WSC Sports continues to demonstrate its global reach with over 400 leagues and broadcasters in its client roster. This includes basketball's NBA, football leagues like Bundesliga, LaLiga, and Serie A, as well as renowned broadcasters like ESPN and DAZN.

The partnership between WSC Sports and Lille signifies a step forward in the use of AI technology within the sports industry. It not only enhances fan engagement but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation through digital assets. As WSC Sports continues to expand its client base across France and globally, it is clear that AI-powered video solutions are becoming an integral part of sports content creation and distribution.

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