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Gary Neville says Chelsea star is damaging Spain’s Euro 2024 chances

Published: Updated: 03:25, 17 Jun 2024
Neville thinks Marc Cucurella is a big weak link in Spain’s defence

Gary Neville, the former Manchester United defender, has raised concerns about the impact of Chelsea left-back Marc Cucurella on Spain’s chances at Euro 2024. According to Neville, the £60 million star player could potentially damage La Roja's prospects in this summer tournament.

Cucurella, who is currently 25 years old, has just completed his second season with Chelsea. Despite his high-profile move from Brighton in August 2022 for a whopping £60 million, he has struggled to maintain consistency in his performance. This inconsistency is what Neville believes could be detrimental to Spain’s campaign at Euro 2024.

Cucurella and his role in Euro 2024

Despite these concerns surrounding his performance levels, Cucurella was named in Spain squad for Euro 2024 and even started their opening game against Croatia on Saturday afternoon. However, with Spain being placed alongside tough competitors like Italy and Albania in their group stage matches, every player's performance will be under intense scrutiny.

Neville firmly believes that one of the reasons why La Roja might not go all the way to win the tournament is due to players like Cucurella who are struggling with form and consistency.

Gary Neville, ITV pundit, said:

‘We didn’t think he’d play, he’s not been convincing at Chelsea, he’s played a few games towards the end of the season, he’s aggressive, he’s tenacious, he’s a busy little full-back.

‘That price tag still, to be fair, astounds everybody I think to this day. The Spanish defence has got a lot of experience now but there’s something just missing from Spain that makes you feel like they’re going to go all the way.

‘And I have to say, him [Cucurella] being at left-back probably is another example of why we think that.’

Ian Wright wants Alejandro Grimaldo over Marc Cucurella

On another note though, Arsenal legend Ian Wright holds a slightly different perspective. He suggests that there might be an alternative strategy at play by Spanish team management involving Alejandro Grimaldo - another left-back option for them.

Ian Wright, Arsenal legend, said:

‘You know what I was thinking because Grimaldo, who has done really well for Leverkusen, I think they’ve gone a little bit more defensive with Cucurella,’

Alejandro Grimaldo had an impressive season playing for Bayer Leverkusen which makes him a strong contender as well. Wright speculates that perhaps Spanish team management could be saving Grimaldo as a strategic move for the later stages of the tournament.

While it remains to be seen how Spain’s Euro 2024 journey unfolds, it's clear that player performance and strategic team management will play a crucial role. Whether Cucurella's inconsistency proves detrimental or Grimaldo is brought in as a game-changer, only time will tell. For now, sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike are eagerly watching every move with bated breath.

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