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France national team extends deal with Nike

Published: Updated: 11:36, 3 May 2024
The new extension will see the partnership between the two run until the 2033/34 season

The French national football team has extended its partnership with Nike, ensuring that the sportswear giant will remain the team's kit manufacturing partner for another decade. This extension comes ahead of the highly anticipated EURO 2024 tournament and is set to last until the 2033/34 season.

The two-time World Cup winners initially had a contract with Nike that was due to expire after the 2026/27 season. However, this recent extension means that their relationship will now surpass two decades, marking a significant milestone in their partnership.

Nike has been a steadfast partner with Fédération Française de Football (FFF) since 2011. Over these years, they have not only provided kits but also supplied apparel training wear for all levels of French football - men’s, women’s and youth teams alike.

Philippe Diallo, president of the French Football Federation (FFF), said:

“I am particularly proud and happy of Nike’s renewed trust in the FFF. The renewal of our partnership and the agreement reached position the FFF among the very first sports organisations in the world."

“At the time of my election, I made a commitment to ensure the sustainability of the FFF, in all its dimensions: societal diversity, development of high-level practice, women’s football and amateur football."

“This partnership with Nike, with whom we share a common vision and objectives, makes it possible to give ourselves the means to actively contribute to it, at least for the next decade.”

In addition to supplying professional gear, this renewed contract also includes a specific component dedicated to amateur football and referees. This move demonstrates both parties' commitment towards nurturing grassroots talent and promoting fair play at all levels of the game.

Since partnering with Nike in 2011, French football has entered into what many consider a new golden era. The national team clinched victory at the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and were runners-up at both EURO 2016 and the 2022 World Cup.

This success on an international stage is undoubtedly linked to their fruitful collaboration with Nike which continues to provide them with high-quality sportswear designed for peak performance.

A statement from Nike read:

“In fifteen years of partnership between Nike and the FFF, we are proud of what we have achieved together."

“We look forward to continuing our partnership to catalyze growth and investment in amateur football in France, by accelerating the growth of women’s football at all levels, and by further amplifying the FFF as an international icon of performance and style.”

Nike's influence extends beyond just France. It will have a significant presence at this summer’s EURO 2024 tournament through its partnership with other nations. As well as being a kit manufacturer for France, Nike will also supply kits for England, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany.

However, this expansion has not been without controversy. The German Football Association's decision to end its 77-year partnership with Adidas in favour of Nike was met with backlash from fans and government officials alike. This reaction underscores the deep-rooted relationships between national teams and their kit manufacturers.

The extension of the partnership between the French national football team and Nike is a testament to their successful collaboration over the past decade. As they look towards another ten years together, fans can expect continued excellence on the pitch as well as high-quality sportswear that supports players at all levels of French football.

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