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Chelsea star accepts flaws in his game after 2-2 draw with Brentford

Published: Updated: 17:12, 3 Mar 2024
Nicolas Jackson hasn’t been clinical in front of goal throughout season

Chelsea striker, Nicolas Jackson, has recently shed light on his performance in the Brentford match. Despite scoring a goal in the 2-2 draw that took place at Gtech Community Stadium on Saturday, March 2nd, Jackson highlighted some areas of improvement in his game.

Jackson managed to score his 11th goal of the season across all competitions during this match. His first-half header was a key moment for Chelsea. However, when asked about his feelings regarding his goal count for the season so far, he chose to focus more on what he could improve rather than celebrating this achievement.

Numbers could have been different if chances had been converted

According to Premier League statistics, Jackson has had 15 big chances in the competition this season. Despite being a summer signing and having played only 23 league games so far, he has registered eight goals and three assists.

Chelsea's forward, Nicolas Jackson, said:

"Yeah I think it's not enough because I miss a lot. For me it should have been a lot more. But you know, every game I try to make the team win, and help my teammates, and the teammates helped me as well. So every game I try to (score), even if I don't score."

"The most important is for the team to win. And I missed a lot of chances. I think I should have a lot more than 11 (goals this season). But, you know, it's for me, its just the beginning. I'm just starting to feel pleased. In England, I keep moving."

However, these numbers also indicate missed opportunities - seven big chances that did not result in goals. This is an aspect of his game that Jackson himself acknowledges needs improvement.

Jackson has been critical of his performance since the start

Jackson's self-awareness about these flaws is indicative of a player who is committed to improving and contributing more effectively to their team's success. While it's clear that he has already made significant contributions (as evidenced by his impressive tally of goals and assists), there are still areas where he can enhance his performance.

This candid reflection from one of the key players from Chelsea squad provides valuable insight into the mindset of professional athletes. It also serves as a reminder that even top performers are constantly looking for ways to improve and contribute more effectively to their team's success.

For sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts, understanding these dynamics can provide a deeper appreciation of the game and potentially inform their betting strategies.

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