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BBC pundit says ‘it’s written in the stars’ for Arsenal to win the Premier League this season

Published: Updated: 17:15, 7 Apr 2024
Gary Lineker thinks Arsenal have got luck on their side this time around

Gary Lineker, BBC pundit, has made a bold prediction that Arsenal is destined to win the Premier League title this season. According to him, it's not just about the team's performance but also a tribute to fellow pundit Ian Wright.

Currently leading the table after their comprehensive 3-0 victory over Brighton on Saturday evening, Arsenal has shown impressive form. With only seven games left in the season and just one point ahead of Liverpool and Manchester City, they are in a strong position. Manchester City is keeping pace after coming from behind to beat Crystal Palace 4-2.

The top spot will remain with Arsenal provided Liverpool doesn't secure a win when they face arch-rivals Manchester United on Sunday. This season presents perhaps the closest and most unpredictable title race in Premier League history.

The Unpredictable title race has many laps left

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager, believes that this year's title race will go down to wire - right up until the last day of the season. Echoing Arteta’s sentiments, Lineker agrees that it could be an exciting finish for fans across the globe.

However, he adds an interesting twist by linking this potential victory with Ian Wright’s departure from Match of The Day (MOTD).

Gary Lineker, BBC pundit, said:

‘Picture the scene, last day of the season.

‘Arsenal need a win to win the title on the very last ever Match of the Day that Ian Wright is on. It’s written in the stars bro!’

Ian Wright may get best farewell if Arsenal comes out on top

Lineker suggests that an Arsenal victory would be a fitting farewell for Wright who announced his departure from MOTD back in December after serving as a pundit for 27 years. He plans on spending more time with his family post-retirement.

Ian Wright, Arsenal legend, said:

‘I’m going to actually watch more football – I’m going to watch my granddaughter,’ the former England striker said at the time. I’m going to watch a lot more women’s games down at Borehamwood. I’m going to watch a lot more Arsenal games just to be there just to be there with fans.

‘Go with my son and his missus – just go and be with them and be amongst it, just to celebrate when we win or when we lose. And spend a bit more time with my missus, Nance, because she has to do so much on a weekend with the two girls who are getting to a certain age where they have to be up and down all over the place.’

If predictions hold true, the title race will come down to the final day (19 May). On this day, Wright and Lineker will be hoping to analyse Arsenal lifting the trophy after they play Everton. Meanwhile, Liverpool faces Wolves and City hosts West Ham.

While it's still too early to predict who will lift the Premier League trophy this season, Lineker’s prediction adds an emotional angle to Arsenal's potential victory. It would not only end their 20-year wait for a title but also serve as a fitting farewell for Ian Wright from MOTD. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain - football fans are in for an exciting finish to this Premier League season.

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