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Argentina matches to be free-to-air in Argentina after new resolution

Published: Updated: 07:45, 22 Mar 2023

All matches of the Argentina National Team in 2023 will be broadcast on free-to-air

In a big surprise for Argentine football fans ahead of their first match after winning the World Cup 2022, the Argentine government has just announced that all the national team matches will be broadcast free-to-air by the federal government in 2023.

There was an announcement made on the presidency's website on March 20th on the subject of 'Resolution 228/223', which announced the law. According to Decree No. 1225 of 2010, a temporary decree was passed granting broadcasting rights to National Sports Associations and the holders of broadcasting rights for national team matches.

However, the sudden step by the Argentine Government also reflects the recent right row with the current national team broadcast rights holder Torneos y Competencias (TyC). TyC recently refused to sell rights for two friendlies to TV Publica, so only TyC Sports could broadcast the matches.

Argentina's officials took honours on their hands to ensure free-to-air broadcast of matches

In an official statement from Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers Rossi, it is stated that they have made several attempts to run friendly matches on TV Publica since this will be the first time that fans will get to see World Cup Champions playing on home soil, but Tyc has refused to do so.

Agustín Rossi said:

“Three months ago we saw and felt the emotion of a world champion people. This week, more than 1.5 million people tried to buy a ticket to see the national team at home again. It is not necessary to elaborate on the significance of these parties for our people.

“For these reasons, we have decided to establish that all the matches of the national team are declared ‘sporting events of relevant interest’, within the framework of the powers that the Audiovisual Communication Services Laws confers on the Head of Cabinets.

“This decision guarantees the right of universal access to the contents of the matches. If the company does not comply, the penalties determined by the actions may be applied which may go as far as its exclusion from the registry as service provider companies.”

The Argentine national team will play two friendlies during the upcoming international window, and for the Argentine fans, these games will be much more than just a match, as it will be a celebration on the home ground of the world champions after they won the World Cup in Qatar after a 36-year wait.

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