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Alan Shearer makes surprising Premier League title prediction

The Premier League all-time top-scorer has backed Man City to lift title

BBC football pundit and Premier League (PL) legend, Alan Shearer, has predicted that Manchester City will outperform Arsenal and Liverpool in the 2023-24 title race. This prediction comes on the heels of Arsenal's impressive 4-1 victory over Newcastle United, Shearer's former club.

The current PL season is shaping up to be a nail-biter with only two points separating third-placed Arsenal from league leaders Liverpool after 26 games. As the competition intensifies, it is anticipated that the title race will go down to the wire.

Despite this close contest, Shearer has thrown his weight behind Pep Guardiola’s side - Manchester City - believing they have what it takes to retain their title.

City's experience in these situations gives them an advantage

Shearer attributes his confidence in Manchester City primarily due to their experience navigating high-pressure situations in previous seasons. According to him, "the Cityzens" have demonstrated time and again their ability to clinch yet another PL title under challenging circumstances.

Alan Shearer, Premier League legend, said:

"You’re going to be looking at one team who might not get a great result one week and the other and you think that’s their chance has gone. But I think the one good thing about City is that they’ve been there. They know there’s no panic."

"Even when they’re not playing well in games and because they’ve got that belief in who and what they are and in what they do, and eventually if they keep doing it they know it’ll work. So there’s no panic from their point of view."

Liverpool can crack under the extra pressure of their manager

Adding another layer of complexity into this season's dynamics is Jürgen Klopp's decision to leave Liverpool at the end of this summer. This impending departure could potentially put additional pressure on his team as they strive for success amidst transition.

Alan Shearer added:

"Whereas we know what’s happening to Liverpool at the end of the season with the manager leaving, for that reason they’re under a little bit more pressure. We know what happened to Arsenal last season, so for that reason they’re under pressure."

"What happens with City is that because they’re so good, because they’re so strong, because they’re been there, they know how to handle that situation."

Shearer also made reference to Arsenal’s last campaign while discussing potential contenders for this year’s trophy.

While there are several strong contenders vying for the Premier League trophy this season including Arsenal and Liverpool; according to football pundit Alan Shearer, it is Pep Guardiola’s experienced squad at Manchester City who are best positioned for victory. 

This prediction not only adds an interesting perspective into an already thrilling competition but also sets up an exciting narrative as we head towards the final stages of one of football's most prestigious leagues.

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