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Virgil van Dijk says Arne Slot could become Liverpool coach

Published: Updated: 14:47, 25 Apr 2024
Arne Slot is touted to take charge at Anfield for next season

Liverpool captain, Virgil van Dijk, has recently spoken out about the potential of Feyenoord manager Arne Slot taking over from Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool. Van Dijk's comments came after the Everton match, where he stated that Slot could indeed be a suitable coach for Liverpool.

As the players prepared for their derby day against Everton, behind-the-scenes negotiations were ongoing between Liverpool directors and Feyenoord. The aim was to secure Slot as Klopp’s successor. This move comes as no surprise considering Slot's reputation as one of the better Dutch coaches currently in football.

Van Dijk admitted that he wasn't sure if a deal had been finalized with Feyenoord yet but indicated that he had been kept informed by Liverpool to some extent before focusing on the Merseyside Derby.

Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool defender, said:

“I think the way of playing and the philosophy he has, that he could be a Liverpool coach. I think from what I read and hear is that it’s still far from being completed. We shall see. We will focus on that next season, [it is] still a long way off”

Feyenoord reportedly rejected first offer

On Wednesday, The Athletic reported that an initial offer of £7.7 million from Liverpool was rejected by Feyenoord. It is widely believed that it will take at least £8.5 million to release him from his contract which still has two years remaining at Feyenoord.

The reporters have since claimed: “The situation is developing quickly and talks to bring Slot to Anfield could even be concluded before the weekend.”

Van Dijk key to Liverpool’s transition

Despite experiencing a slight dip in form recently, Virgil van Dijk remains an integral part of the team this season and continues to demonstrate his value on-field. As captain, his role will be crucial in conveying any new manager’s messages across effectively.

Should Arne Slot indeed become appointed as Klopp's successor, it is expected that Van Dijk will continue playing in a back four formation under him.

While there are still uncertainties surrounding these developments - including whether or not Slot will indeed take over from Klopp and when this might happen - what is clear is that Van Dijk, as Liverpool captain, sees potential in Slot to lead the team. As negotiations continue, fans eagerly await confirmation of who will be at the helm of their beloved club in the near future.

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