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Top 5 Most Heated Moments Between Football Pundits

Published: Updated: 07:38, 29 Mar 2023
Football is a synonym for aggression for a reason

In every post-match or pre-match conversation, football pundits always appear well-suited and booted. 

Despite the fact that they always present themselves as cool and calm customers in front of the camera, football is a game in which people show different sides of themselves. It is always natural for pundits to argue during discussions.

In shows on Sky and other channels, pundits often get into heated arguments in order to prove their point. For his aggressive nature in debates, pundits like Roy Keane are among the audience's favourites. 

Today, we'll look at the top five heated moments between football pundits.

#5. Roy Keane vs Jamie Redknapp

It is likely that Roy Keane will be on this list for some time to come. The Irish never shied away from expressing himself on the football pitch and has maintained that attitude even after retiring. One example of his typical nature occurred during the 2020/21 season.

In the argument, Keane referred to Tottenham Hotspurs as having an "average" squad. 

After Redknapp defended Spurs' squad by saying the majority of its players are international regulars, the former Irish star interrupted and said, "Playing for your country doesn't make you a good player Jamie."

 After the argument dwindled, Dave Jones had to intervene and calm things down by saying: "Just take a breath, Jamie."

#4. Gary Neville vs Micah Richards

Micah Richards and Gary Neville are legends of Manchester who come from different sides of the city. During the last season's encounter between Manchester City and Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium, the duo came into a heated argument.

During that full-time show, Gary Neville was seen critiquing United's manager Ralf Ragnick and his tactics. 

In response, Richards defended Ragnick and said; "Ragnick is the best behind the scenes, they bought him mid into it. He isn't great and losing credibility, then he gets up and nobody listens to him." 

In response, Neville shouted at Richards, "Stop ranting about it, what should they have done?"

#3. Roy Keane vs Patrice Evra

While Roy Keane and Patrice Evra are two of Manchester United's greatest players, both were involved in a heated argument during the Tottenham Hotspurs versus Manchester United match on Sky Sports in 2020.

David de Gea conceded a goal because of a silly mistake, causing the argument to begin.

Keane was quick to jump into during the halftime show when United was trailing 1-0. The Irish lambasted the United goalkeeper and said, "I am sick to death of this goalkeeper."

Patrice Evra held back his emotions at half-time but defended de Gea against Roy Keane at full-time. At the conclusion, Patrice Evra said, "I came here with peace, and I want to leave with peace." After Keane's aggressive nature.

#2. Jamie Carragher vs Gary Neville

There is no doubt that Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are two of the most popular football pundits at the moment. Their banter during post-match shows and on Twitter has become a highlight show for football fans. 

However, they are also prone to getting into heated arguments about their views.

There has been an argument in the past over Liverpool and Manchester United, but once Neville called Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy the "best operator in football." This made Carragher upset.

In response to Gary Neville's statement, the Liverpool legend asserted, "A Champions League team like Tottenham Hotspurs spent only Β£29 million in its last window, so it's enough to showcase Levy's real footballing abilities."

When Carragher's dig triggered Gary Neville, he asked, "Have you not calculated that the new stadium would cost Β£600 million?"

In response, Carragher blasted, "This was four years ago!"

#1. Jamie Redknapp vs Gary Neville

In a similar manner to Roy Keane, Jamie Redknapp takes no prisoners when it comes to his punditry. 

As part of his post-match analysis of United's 4-0 humiliation of Brentford, Redknapp took a shot at United players' credibility. 

Gary Neville defended the players and blamed the owners for poor decisions.

Jamie Redknapp instead blamed Gary Neville for his statement and said: 

"You can't keep blaming the owners when the players are putting in performances like that,"

Gary Neville felt disrespected through Redknapp's overlapping of his statement and tension was easily visible on their faces.

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