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Everton plane banner deemed 'irrelevant' by Sky Sports

Fans of the Merseyside club staged protests during defeat to Man United and at Man City/Liverpool clash

Everton supporters recently staged a protest against the Premier League's alleged corruption, but their efforts were not broadcast live on Sky Sports.

During the Manchester City vs Liverpool match held at Etihad Stadium at the weekend, a group of Everton supporters paid for a plane to fly a banner overhead. The banner read: "Premier League = corrupt. #UTFT #EFC".

This was part of their overall protest against the league following the 10-point deduction they handed to their club for breaching financial regulations.

Despite causing a stir on social media, viewers watching through Sky Sports remained unaware of this airborne demonstration as it was not shown live. According to multiple outlets, including the Daily Mail, Sky Sports chose not to show it because they did not deem it relevant to the match being broadcast.

The Everton fan group which organised the banner display, expressed their determination to continue with such protests despite any attempts at silencing them.

The 1878s tweeted:

“Blind eyes can be turned all they want but we’re not going away... WE SHALL NOT BE SILENCED AND WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!!”

Sky Sports did cover other forms of protests by Everton fans around their home game against Manchester United on Sunday. These included cards alleging corruption at the Premier League and loud booing before kick-off during the Premier League anthem.

However, in an attempt to comply with Ofcom regulations, Sky tried minimizing noise from these protests by turning down pitchside microphones during its broadcasts.

Despite ignoring some aspects of fan dissent, Sky’s broadcast did feature discussions about Everton’s controversial 10-point deduction throughout commentary and build-up segments.

Banners protesting the club's punishment for breaching financial regulations were also seen in the streets prior to the English Premier League football match between Everton and Manchester United at Goodison Park.

Everton, currently facing the biggest point deduction in Premier League history, is set to appeal against this decision, which it has described as a "wholly disproportionate and unjust sporting sanction".

They are required to lodge their appeal by December 1.

While Sky Sports' decision not to broadcast certain aspects of fan protests has sparked controversy, it has not deterred Everton fans from voicing their concerns.

As they continue their fight against what they perceive as an unjust penalty, all eyes will be on how this situation unfolds in the coming weeks.

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