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Sky appoint Amber Pine as managing director of connectivity

Published: Updated: 15:05, 11 Dec 2023
For the first time, Sky Broadband will include Sky Mobile as part of a combined team led by Pine

Sky, the renowned pay TV operator, has recently expanded its leadership team by appointing Amber Pine to the newly created role of Managing Director of Connectivity. This move marks a significant shift in Sky's operational structure as it combines its broadband and mobile services under one unified team for the first time.

Sophie Ahmad, Chief Consumer Officer at Sky, said:

“Under Amber and Paul’s leadership, Sky Broadband and Sky Mobile have thrived, with Sky Mobile becoming the fastest growing mobile provider in the UK, and Sky Broadband retaining its steadfast position in the market. The newly combined teams reflect Sky’s focus on connectivity, which is integral to delivering the UK’s connected future both in and out the home. Amber’s broad range of experience means she’s perfectly placed to lead the newly combined team.”

Amber Pine will lead the new strategic move of Sky broadband and mobile services

Amber Pine will be at the helm of this new connectivity strategy, leading both broadband and mobile services. Her extensive experience in various leadership roles across Sky Broadband and Sky TV makes her an ideal fit for this position.

Managing Director of Connectivity of Sky, Amber Pine said:

“The connectivity market is at a critical juncture, with the roll out and take up of both full fibre and 5G. In tandem, people are consuming more bandwidth and data than ever before, which means delivering best-in-class technology and a seamless connectivity experience is crucial. This, combined with outstanding customer experience, is what we do best at Sky, and I’m excited to be bringing two fantastic teams together to enable this to happen at an even greater scale.”

Pine's previous roles include serving as managing director of the broadband team and holding commercial director positions for Sky TV, including their latest product offering - Sky Glass. She has also led marketing, commercial operations, and propositions for several other popular channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and the entertainment channels under the brand.

This strategic appointment signifies a major step towards consolidating operations and enhancing connectivity services for Sky. With Amber Pine's broad experience and leadership, Sky is poised to deliver a more integrated and seamless customer experience across its broadband and mobile platforms.

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