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Serie A club looking to sign Anthony Martial on free in summer

Anthony Martial is reportedly looking to run down his contract at Old Trafford

Manchester United's striker, Anthony Martial, is reportedly being considered for a move by Serie A club, Inter Milan. This potential transfer has been making headlines recently and has sparked interest among sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike.

Martial has been associated with a possible departure from Old Trafford this month. However, Sky Sports reports that the Frenchman is determined to stay at the club until his contract expires. 

His motivation could be financial - maximizing his earnings from United while waiting for a more lucrative offer from Italy than what he might receive from Saudi Pro League clubs. Given the growing interest in Italy, it seems increasingly likely that Martial will leave United on a Bosman at the end of this season.

At 28 years old, Martial is in the final six months of his contract with Manchester United. The club is not expected to offer him a new deal – an understandable decision considering his inconsistent availability and high salary demands. These are precisely the type of ties that Ineos needs to sever in future as too many high earners at United have underperformed for an extended period.

Inter Milan eye Martial as replacement for Alexis Sanchez

Inter Milan may lose former Manchester United winger Alexis Sanchez come summer; Sanchez currently earns an impressive €7.6m net per season. According to Italian outlets, Inter Milan shows significant interest in signing Martial on a free transfer during summer as they look towards restructuring their team post-Sanchez’s exit.

However, any move within this month would be impossible unless they manage to offload Sanchez first.

Martial will be eligible to sign a pre-contract starting next month; however no definitive decision regarding his future has been made yet. This situation leaves room for speculation among fans and bettors alike about where he might land next season.

Anthony Martial's potential move to Inter Milan is a developing story that has captured the attention of sports fans and betting enthusiasts. As we wait for more concrete information, it's clear that the next few months will be crucial in determining Martial's future in football.

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